Friday, February 15, 2019

Safi Blogger Gathering + White Expert Series Review

Hello gorgeous, welcome back! Have you ever heard about halal skincare brand from Malaysia? They’ve been in hype lately, and I’m about to share the fun with you! Few weeks ago, Safi Indonesia held a blogger gathering at Blue Jasmine, The Maja. They’ve been really kind to invite me to the event and had lots of fun and treats. Let’s get started, shall we?
The event was on Saturday afternoon, with blue ornament everywhere just like Safi’s image. I love how the table decorated, and how they choose the venue. The outdoor seat at Blue Jasmine was really pretty and get perfect natural lighting. The stage was simple yet cute. We all had fun taking pictures and boomerang, further more there are lots of pretty girls who are humble enough to support each other. Started with having lunch, who doesn’t love feast? The food at Blue Jasmine was always good, and I always love to had a meal there. Meanwhile, we took pictures and boomerang for Instagram competition and boomerang challenge. Fun and enjoyable moment! 

Then the show started. The host greet bloggers as audience, and had a little talk about Safi and its products. Turns out some of us has already tried the products, and they really love it. It makes me even more curious about how the product would work on my skin. The best selling ones are Safi White Expert series, which is a brightening skincare range. Since we’re so excited to get to know more about the brand and the product, hence we start the talk show. 

What’re we going to do at the talkshow? We show the way we talk. Lol just kidding! Let’s start the real topic. 

Safi is a halal (safe), natural, and tested (effective) brand from Malaysia. They meet Moslem women expectation to have the real beauty and reach their own potential. It was all started at Safi Research Institute, the first Halal Institute in the world. Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, there are hundreds researchers that had interactions with Indonesian moslem women to find their needs of skincare that are halal, natural, and tested (halal, natural, teruji).  To get better each and every day, to have the true beauty inside every woman. 

They launched the brand in Indonesia less than one year ago, and the market’s response was great. This brings Safi into one of the top skincare brand in Indonesia. One of the best selling range is their White Expert Series. Hence, now they’re ready to release another product line in Indonesia. Actually they already launched more products in Malaysia like hair care product and toothpaste. The one’s being launched soon in Indonesia is their hair care range. They have various shampoo and conditioner, all specialized for those who wears hijab. It happens that those who wears hijab has more problems than the ones don’t. they tend to have dandruff, wet sculp, hair loss, etc. So Safi made the products to overcome those problems. Anyways, if one of you had sensitive skin, the team has confirmed that Safi’s products are safe for you. As it was made from natural ingredients, they’re also safe for those of you moms who are pregnant (carrying baby) or maybe breastfeeding your baby. All the products are water based, that’s why it’s safe.

Safi Indonesia’s team are kind enough to send me more loves, they gave me some products to try at home. They’re the white expert series. What made them so effective are their main ingredient; Habbatus Sauda, and their technology : Oxywhite. Let’s get to know them! 

Habbatus Sauda, also known as the seed of blessing or jintan hitam. Since hundreds years ago, this ingredients has been trusted as medicine to heal any kind of disease, and to maintain a good healthy and bright skin. The antioxidant in this ingredient helps protecting the skin from free radicals. 

Oxywhite Technology, helps to release additional oxygen into the skin, makes our skin feels refreshed, helps nutrition absorbing, and slow down darkening effect of our skin by reducing the melanin production. Hence, it makes our skin looks brighter. 

  1. Safi White Expert Purifying Makeup Remover

Is a water based makeup remover that is very soft with ingredients of Habbatus Sauda, OxyWhite, and Micellar Technology. 
-      Cleanse makeup and dirt from the face easily
-      Keep the skin moisturized and elasticity with Bio Hyaluronic
-      Suits all skin type including sensitive skin
How to use: pour onto cotton pads, wipe gently onto your face to remove makeup and dirt. No need to rinse it off. 
After trying this product, I think:
The packaging was clear and simple. You can find every information needed there, from the brand, product variant, size, ingredients, manufacturing information, except the price. The bottle top is not so safe I guess, that the product can be spoiled accidentally, so you’ll need to keep it safe. Maybe when you’re travelling with this buddy, you need separated pouch to keep this one.
As you can see the texture from outside, it was just like water. It works GREAT on my face while removing all makeup and dirt, just with two cotton pads (two sides). It’s just me having combination normal to oily skin, that needs to make sure every drop of oil excess on my face are wiped out too, that’s why I used another cleanser after this micellar. If you ain’t a sensitive or oily ones, then you might be all good to go with only micellar cleanser like this. 
The scent somehow refreshed me (and my skin for sure), so yeah I love this one. 
Rate: 4/5 
Price: IDR 82.900
Size: 100ml

  1. Safi White Expert Purifying Cleanser 2in1 Cleanser & Toner

Is a two action face cleanser. This gel cleanser is easy to wipe. And:
-      Cleanse makeup and dirt with the soft scrub
-      Having habbatus sauda, sunflower seed, and vitamin e as antioxidant to protect skin from free radicals
-      Without additional soap ingredient so keeps pH balanced
-      Enriched with menthol to refresh the skin
How to use:
Pump and pour the right amount to your palms, massage onto face gently and wash with clean water. 
After trying this product, I think:
The packaging was smart. They’re in clear pump bottle, so you can see the product inside and see how much product left. This pump made sure it’s easy for you to get the product in the right amount onto your hands. And I love to see how equally the scrub are placed inside the bottle. What they need to improve is how to make this product travel friendly (since I’m more onto practical and easy-to-travel product person). The texture was nice and smooth, and yet cleanse my face perfectly. It helps my skin feels refreshed and I like it! Took less time in skin care usage since I can skip toner now ;p 
Just like the micellar, this one smells so good and refreshing. It’s just the fragrance seems like stronger than the ones in the micellar.
Rate: 4/5
Price: IDR 56.500
Size: 150ml

  1. Safi White Expert Ultimate Essence

Is soft textured essence, that are:
-      Brightens up the skin
-      Fade pigmentation on our skin
-      Even out skintone 
-      Soothe skin with redness
-      Soften and hydrates skin
How to use: 
Gently tap onto face and neck, massage gently until it absorbs onto your skin.
After trying the product, I think:
I don’t know the reason they use another box to store this baby, while we can find all the information needed on the bottle itself. I love how thoughtful they’re in choosing this pump bottle, with simple design yet still attractive. The texture itself is super soft and smooth, easy to apply and absorbs onto my skin in no time. No sticky feeling at all. No wonder, it’s waterbased product anyway. Feels super light on my skin feels like I’m wearing nothing, so I love it! Easy and safe to bring in the travel bag. Anyway, this one has the softest scent out of the three products I tried. Definitely a must-try product!
Rate: 5/5
Price: IDR 82.900
Size: 20ml

Thank you so much Safi Indonesia and Beautynesia for having me at this event. I had lots of fun with friends here. Of course, the box decorating class was super fun too! They invited the mentor from Malaysia to teach us how to do that, and that was my first time doing semi-painting on the wooden box. Turns out the box become so pretty and adorable! Best activity I had this month. 

Thank you for reading this post as well, see you on my next post! 


  1. The event looks fun and u look gorg! Aku belom pernah nih cobain safi, tp tertarik sm cleanser dan essencenya :D

  2. Tmnku banyak bgt yg pake Skincare safi ini, aku msh pake optimal hydra kepengen beralih tapi msh caritau cocok atau ngga buat tipe kuit aku

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