Saturday, April 13, 2019

Makeup Inspiration: Simple Tribal Lines

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to Jennitanuwijaya Blog! Today we're gonna enjoy another makeup inspo. In creating a beauty content, I believe at some point you'll need to go find some inspiration rather than staying at home and thinking all by yourself, right? So here we go, a makeup look that I hope will bring you a good inspiration throughout the day.

As always, the makeup's gonna be very simple and easy, yet artsy.

OK lots of you people asked me about this makeup when I posted it onto my instagram, so actually I got inspired to create a festival makeup or tribal makeup, but I want to keep it simple so everyone can recreate it, even the beginners. That's why I came out with this look, a very simple one yet still looks authentic and unique. Simply add some lines and dots, and voila, you've got amazing look!

Can you see here? Even the right amount of cropping your picture can bring a huge different to the output and final look. Never imagined before that half-faced cropped picture will look much better than the whole being exposed to the screen tho. Thanks to the exploration!

 Eye makeup details:
ChicaYChico Eyeshadow Palette - brown color (One shot- got it at special price)
Catrice Bronze Eyeshadow Palette - shimmer
iDivine Sleek Eyeshadow Palette (black color)

Explore as many poses as you can babe! Chin up, chin down, moving to the left and right, close your eyes, deep stare, etc. So you won't regret it that you already got all the angles HAHAHA. Because one picture is never enough, right?

What I used for this makeup:
BYS Cosmetics primer spray
PIXY cosmetics cushion
Catrice concealer palette (peach color corrector, highlighter, and contour cream)
A Concept Korea liquid blush shade HUG ME (got it at cheek me )
Catrice banana loose powder
Eye details as mentioned
Maybelline total temptation mascara (waterproof)
Purbasari eyebrow pencil (retractable)
QL cosmetics lip cream (nude)
Mizzu divine lip gloss
Deborah milano baked blush
Amaranthine baked highlighter
Garnier light complete serum cream (as face painting)

Watch the video tutorial here:

Thankyou for reading and coming by, I hope to see you girls on another post!!


  1. woowww keren banget dah tuh makeupnya kak.. like it sekalihh

  2. cakepp bgtt ciii😍❤️ Sukaaa bgtt

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