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Brighten up and Moisturized Skin with Clinelle

Clinelle x Clozette project

Hello gorgeous, how’re you? I’ve got new product review for you. If you’re having a combination skin with acne and hyperpigmentation skin concern, then you might want to continue reading this. We’re gonna talk about sleeping mask and ee cream, both from Clinelle. Before we talk further about the products, let me thank ClozetteID for sending me these two babies. Then, let's move on to the next part, shall we?

As you might ever read my blog before, I've tried the Whiten UP skincare series before. Not too good result with their thick texture onto my sensitive skin, now I'm about to review another product range hoping that they will work well on my sensitive skin. 

Clinelle Miracle Aqua Capsule Whiten UP EE Cream
I believe most of you have heard about alphabet cream which actually became famous because of Korean trend. Basically, alphabet cream is a unique concept where the brand combines both skincare and makeup in one product. I've tried BB, CC, and DD cream (or cushion), but never tried nor heard about EE cream. I think, this might be a level up of those creams I've tried. Have same thoughts? Let's learn more about alphabet cream!

BB - Beauty Balm (Cosmetics)
CC - Color Corrector (BB + Basic skincare benefits)
DD - Daily Defense (BB + CC + Anti aging)
EE - Even Effect (BB + CC + DD + Whitening effect)

That's why this EE cream is added into their Whiten UP series, because it has whitening effect. Clinelle claims to have 15 effect from this product:
1. Hydrates like moisturizer
2. Refine pores like toner
3. Whiten and prevent skin darkening
4. Anti aging repair to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
5. Skin renewal for supple skin
6. Protects with SPF 50PA+++ like sunscren
7. Soothes and calm skin sensitivity
8. Fight bacteria to prevent blemishes
9. Skin defense with antioxidants
10. Controls oil for matte finish
11. Color correct to event out skintone
12. Blurs dark spots like concealer
13. Smoothes like primer
14. Covers like foundation
15. Water resistant for longer lasting makeup

It has purple vibes in the packaging just like the other Whiten UP series. Comes in tube with a box, with all product details written on it. This tube makes squeezing the product much easier, with 30ml size of liquid. What I feel here is, the tube is pretty big so maybe it should stay on your powder room and not too travel friendly. I wish they have some kind of mini size like the 5ml, that way the product will be easier to bring along. 

Just like any alphabet cream, this product has creamy texture. While squeezing it and swatch it onto my palms, it looks kinda deep brown and a bit darker than my skintone. After applying it evenly onto my skin (the texture is pretty thick but blends really well on my skin), it looks just fine and just like my skin color. 
As for the claims that can blur spots and cover up imperfections, it didn't work on me. This product works more like a tone up cream but with a base color. But anyway, the good side is this can keep our skin breathing normally just like wearing a sunscreen. 

How to use: 
1. Squeeze the product out from the tube
2. Apply the cream on your face in five dots: forehead, nose, two cheeks, and chin
3. Blend the cream evenly throughout the whole face in a gentle patting motion
4. Leave the cream in for 2-3 minutes until it disappear
5. Cream will dry into powdery matte finish and skin will appear dewy with a radiant glow

Final Thoughts
After trying this product, I feel like it has almost the same consistency with other WhitenUP series: thick. Yep, maybe this suits those of you who wants to have brighten up skin on daily basis, this really suits daily makeup. But if you can't work with thick texture of creams, then you'd better pass on this. Doesn't mean the product isn't good enough, just skincare is all about finding your match. Sometimes you get a good match that you won't even let go, sometimes not. 

Anyway, good thing about this brand is their 7secret to happy skin: they don't use ingredients that can irritate our skin, wether it's short term or long term. They don't contain: artificial fragrance, artificial colors, comedogenic ingredients, mineral oils, SD alcohol, lanolin, and paraben. They're RX3 and also 100% well-tolerated and imported. One way or another, it helps the economy to grow (perks of having an accounting background lol).

Let's move on to the next product.

Clinelle Pure Swiss HydraCalm Sleeping Mask
Who doesn't love sleeping mask? It's been years since I'm using it, and I always love sleeping mask! Clinelle has this baby from the hydrating series, so let's get to know about the product. 
Clinelle claimed this product as a cooling and refreshing light cream gel sleeping mask provides optimum hydration & brightening effects through the night, leaving the skin rejuvenated & refreshed the next day. The unique formula transforms into water droplets when applied on skin. Texture is non sticky and it can be easily absorbed by the skin & leaves it delicately hydrated and supple. 

It comes in blue vibes, just like other hydracalm series. Packed in jar, this light cream gel also accompanied by a spatula to help us take the product and apply it onto our skin. The thing is, they don't have space to keep the spatula. So we have to do extra work making sure that the spatula is always clean and neat. But I love how refreshing the jar looks. 

As the brand claimed, this product has a light cream texture. Beautiful in white just like westlife says, this product comes right onto my favorite corner! It feels really light on my combination skin, even when I'm in sensitive condition. It absorbed really well, not to mention the good scent that makes me relax while applying the product onto my face. It's not even sticky at all, perfect night treatment before going to bed! The closest texture that looks like this is a yogurt.

How to use
1. Apply adequate amount onto face & neck as moisturizer before bedtime
2. Leave it overnight then rinse thoroughly with water on the next morning

Final Thoughts
After trying this product, I came to looooove it so mochi! Yes, it suits my skin really well and even works well on this sensitive combination skin! It hydrates really well, and because of it the oil produced is just in normal amount. It feels comfortable and relaxing to use this baby at night. I highly recommend this product. 

That's all for today's sharing, thanks for reading and see you on next post!

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