Saturday, April 6, 2019

Makeup Inspiration: Orange on My Cheek!

Hello gorgeous, thanks for being so loyal and coming back to this blog regularly! If you're new, then welcome and I wish we can be best friend for a long time! Today I want to share a short article, just to motivate you girls to do makeup and things you love however your condition is. I believe, there's always a way, right?

Today I'm gonna be sharing about creating an orange inspired makeup look, as you can see the slice of oranges on my cheek. It's super cute yet unique, right? Got inspired by some pinterest post tho (best place to find inspiration btw).

So here's the final look:

I don't know what you girls thinking about these two pic, but to me I do look uber cute! OMO I really in love with this makeup look. Not to mention those two E.T antenna makes the perfect combination to the makeup. Sometimes, it's not only about the makeup that have to be in our concern. Simple details matters, dude! Hair do, clothes, accessories, all if you put them together in the right place you'll look perfect! 

What I used: 
Maybelline fit me foundation Matte , mixed with Dewy
Maybelline fit me concealer
Maybelline fit me smooth compact powder
Maybelline eyebrow pencil define & blend
Maybelline fit me blush on 
Maybelline super stay matte ink lip cream
Morphebrushes eyeshadow 35u because i don’t have maybelline eyeshadow😂 (cheating lol)
Artisanpro false lashes 
Maybelline hypertight eye liner

Yep, baby! It's that simple. The key is simply to explore everything!
I only use concealer and eyeshadow to create the not-so-artsy orange (pray for me so that I can create something more artsy in the future, practice makes perfect but I still need your support tho! hihi).
I can't use any face painting because my skin is very sensitive (after applying face paint I'll get acne that's why I never use it anymore).
So girl, if you're hitting the wall, hit it back! Until you'll make a hole, another way to do something you love, better.

Watch the tutorial video here:

Hope this post can inspire you, do tag me at @jennitanuwijaya when you recreate this makeup, and see you on my next post!


  1. Gemesssshh bgt aku sama look yang ininiiii 😍😍😍

  2. greget pengen aku caplok tuh jeruknya kak wkwkw

  3. aaa inii cutiee bangett ci jenn😍🧡🧡🧡 gemeshh