Monday, March 11, 2019

Kissable On Fleek Lips using Maybelline Drugstore 24H SSMI

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to this blog! Been excited to share this one post with you from a while ago – since the product is very happening and it’s from a well-known drugstore beauty brand. Best one to suit IT girl kinda type, now they’re expanding the product line onto a matte lipstick. Yup, that’s Maybelline! Being ordinary is not enough, so they create the superstay series. This one claimed to stay on our skin for a long time – 24 hours for the foundation and 16 hours for the lip cream – or matte ink, they’d rather say. 

Product Claim
-      Long weartime until 16 hours without touch up
-      Intense color
-      Transfer proof
-      Comfort
-      20 unique shades 
Formulated with Elastic Ink Technology and unique arrow applicator, only need one dip and you’ll get full coverage on your lips that will last up to 16 hours, even after eat and drink. 

Packaging & Applicator

This one’s has a unique packaging – different from other matte lipstick that I usually see. Having bigger size than the others, with its color on the bottle. Not a transparent one, more onto printed color which is exactly the same with the shades of the product. This is amazing – since usually when brands print the shade colors they’ll be no match (or more of a similar,not the exact same color). This long lasting matte lipstick has a square bottle without outer box, so you’ll need to take a good care of the packaging or else it’d get dirt easily.
As they claimed, the applicator is pretty unique. As you can see in the picture, it has arrow shaped applicator, which makes it even easier to apply the product onto our lips. Even it can reach the edges. 

Texture & Scent
The texture is pretty unique. As it claimed to be a matte ink – I’d expect it would be different than other lip cream on the market. And that’s true, it has thicker texture. More of sticky, I’d rather say. Stickier than the normal lip cream, but still wearable. You’ll need more than one minute to wait until your lips are dry, and you’ll be free from the stickiness. Worth the pigmentation tho! 
It has something good in the scent. I can smell something sweet, more like chocolate or vanilla- I can’t pick which one’s true. The point is it makes me happy whenever I use it, since it has a good scent inside. Or should we try, asking someone to kiss and tell what kind of smell it is? Lol, just kidding! ;p Chillax.

Color and Pigmentation
It claimed to be having an intense color. I’d say it has the best pigmentation of all lip cream I’ve ever tried. Even the nude ones, amazingly they can cover my not-so-fresh lip color! About the bold ones, well no hesitation needed. They clearly covered all lips with full coverage. I don’t know how the formulation process when they create the product, thumbs up anyway! 
They now have 20 colors available in Indonesia – the nudes and non-nudes. All I’ve got here are 10 mixed shades, so here’s the swatches of all colors. 
I love almost all the colors, well if you ask me to choose one of my favorite Maybelline matte lipstick then it’s gonna be really hard. Not a good picker, so I’d rather choose to have them all! Hahaha. 

I thought some colors are not-so-wearable for a daily look, but anyway we have to enjoy life and wearing colorful lipstick is part of it. Why not? As for me, I’ll wear different color on different mood and occasions. 
Wear Test
Of course, the highly-asked content about lip cream review is the wear test. Usually you asked me about the color intensity after eating or drinking. But one of my buddy that I met through student exchange, Petty, asked a unique question. She said, she always lose the color after ablution, whatever the product is. I’ve never heard of that, so this question is kinda new. She said, to prove it maybe I’ll need to gargle around 7 times (because I don’t do ablution or shalat and it’s kinda similar she said). Well, challenge accepted! 
I wore the lip cream, gargle around 7 times, eat everything I have at home and office, and still come back home with almost-perfect lip color. Some part might be gone but still have stain, but the outer part are just fine. I can conclude that this baby has a great color intensity, and truly long-wearing. 
Another thing, I feel really comfortable while wearing this SSMI by Maybelline for a whole day. The thing I felt is just a normal matte feels, but for those of you having dry lips you might re-think before trying this product. You might want to use some lip balm before and after using this product, and you’ll be fine. 
Final thought
After trying this product for a whole day, swatch all colors they have, I choose to recommend the product to all matte lips lovers! Yes, this helps a lot for someone who doesn’t like to do touch up too often, or someone with tight schedule. You’ll look perfect every day, so chillax! 
If you find it hard to wipe the product, I suggest to use some oil-based product like Nivea eye and lip makeup remover or Garnier Oil infused micellar water – it wipes the product away only in one swipe tho. 

Price: IDR 115.000
Get them at: Online channel, offline stores like Guardian watsons lotte mart etc
Repurchase/Recommend: Yes
It’ll take you forever to empty the tube since you’ll only need one dip to cover all the lips – so it’s kind of investment on each color you get. ;p

Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post babe!


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