Thursday, May 2, 2019

Rollover Reaction Tinted Moisturizer Cushion on Acne Skin

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya. Have you been updated to the beauty trend lately? It’s been hype with cushion products since few months back then, and lots of Indonesian local brand lauched their cushion products. Now, Rollover Reaction, an Indonesian local makeup brand which has been well known for their to-go makeup products launched their cushion. The event was RRBEAUTY MEET : Cushion Compact for Naturally Radiant Skin at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. @dariwulan and @diviasari gave lots of insights of their makeup secrets.

I had fun attending the event with my fellas, seeing the pretty installation at the store, got the chance to hear some inspiration from the co-founder of RR, as well as watching the makeup demo while having the product experience. 
When you heard the word “cushion” what would come to your mind? As for me, I’ll think of foundation and alphabet cream. But you know what, RR broke those thoughts! They did launched the cushion, but the liquid inside is actually a tinted moisturizer. So the product will keep our skin hydrated throughout the day. 

The co-founder said that it took such a long time to create the concept and prepare the product before it got out on the market. They spent around one whole year! Look how thoughtfulthey are from the concept till the campaign. I always love their thoughtful work. After one year, they finally launched this Rollover Reaction Cushion Compact SPF 27 Tinted Moisturizer
First, let’s talk about their packaging
From the box, you can see how simple and neat they are. We can see the shade right from the box, since it has the color all over the side, also with shade name and number. All manufacturing information can be found on the sides of the box. It has simple packaging yet informative, good job! 

Move on to the cushion compact, we can see the size is more or less the same with other cushion products. But what I can see here is one word: elegant! Yes, their choice of color and design makes that impression. The black and beige color on the cushion case with logo written on it got my heart race. It’s the perfect companion for you to go. 
Unfortunately, for now they only have the full package cushion productand no separated refill for sale. I hope in the near time they’ll provide the refill, since it can cost less and produce less plastic waste too. 

Move on to the puff, I can see how comfy the puff is when it hits my skin. Not too soft but not too rough, this black puff won’t absorb too much product. It makes the usage will last for longer time period even though we use it everyday. Anyhow, it still blends the product well on my face. Truly a go-to makeup, simple and won’t need any other helps on the tools!

Okay now, you must’ve been very curious on how the texture and coverageonto my skin. 
Even though it’s a tinted moisturizer, it has medium to full coveragewhich can be built up. The brand claims to have light to medium coverage, but breathable skin. It’s kinda surprised me with the coverage. Even though it has medium coverage, strange thing is my skin feels so light and breathablejust like it claimed to be. I really love how it covers my eyebags without any concealer and color corrector. 

As for the finish, it has soft satin finish(in between of matte and dewy). It gives the healthy look to the skin, like “I woke up like this”. AHAHA. You can even told your friend “oh yeah I surely got this perfect even skintone since birth LOL! 
Another good thing is this is fragrance free(you can try smell it too, really!). They do this to avoid skin reaction and irritation, especially on those with sensitive skin. 
Since it’s infused with hyaluronic acid for hydration, some of you with allergic to this ingredient might need to think over the product. But if you have no problem with this, go ahead and grab one! It also contains SPF 27 to help avoid sun damage, surely a good choice to start the day. 

Wondering which one’s your perfect shade?
As the starter, Rollover Reactionlaunched three shade to represent Indonesian skintone.101 Custard Tart with neutral undertone, perfect to accompany those with light skintone. 102 Honey Toastwhich from the name makes me hungry LOL but this suits to accompany average Indonesian medium skin tone, that’s why I choose to try this. 103 Milk Tea, the perfect companion for those with dark skin tone. I know, you might think it’s too limited choice of shades , but somehow it covers most skintone. You just need to work with some bronzer if it’s too light for you, and voila you’ve got the perfect shade! If you’re in the perfect shade, simply do your normal makeup routine and enjoy the rest of the day. 

Final thoughts
After trying the product several times for hours, I finally got my mind clear! This is a good-to-go makeupchoice for complexion for dry to combination skin, but not oily skin. It melts with oil, can be saved with setting your oily area but will last up to 6 hours at maximum. You’ll need to retouch the makeup if you’re planning to wear it longer. As for the side effect of showing acne just like some of the girls might experience, I still think it’s because they’re allergic to the ingredients. I’m all good, just if I use complexion products I always need to do deep cleansing because my skin’s very sensitive with complexion and makeup. I recommend this to those of you who loves quick and easy makeup with flawless satin finish & radiant skin

Letter from Rollover Reaction:
“We’re always about that wearable cosmetics that goes with any girl’s active days, and now it’s time to pay attention to complexion. Just grab Cushion Compact and #GetEnhanced! It’s made to cover unwanted discoloration or simply even out overall skin tone in a short amount of time. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Get the product at official store Rollover Reaction in Plaza Indonesia EX Level 4 or purchase online through their official website
Price: IDR 195.000 
Rate: 4/5


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