Thursday, May 30, 2019

Local Lipcream and Lipgloss from Yogyakarta - Looke Cosmetic

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya Blog! Today we're gonna talk about a local brand lipcream in Indonesia. If you've ever heard of Avoskin Beauty, this one's their sisterbrand. Looke Cosmetic is a halal, vegan, and cruelty-free cosmetic that focus on lip products. 

Holy Lip Series
This line's the prime product line from Looke Cosmetics that consist of Holy Lip Cremé and Holy Lip Polish. The collection itself inspired from the goddess of Greece Myths that has effortless charm and chic. Each shade named after the beautiful goddess, so whoever the girl that's wearing the lip product will feel all comfy and confident of their unique self. 

As for the packaging - well I really love their effort! Looking at the elegant design of the box - each box has each shade name and elegantly uncover the beautiful lip product inside. As for the main product packaging - just like another local lip cream, it has standard silver topped bottle with lip brush to apply the product. 

The size and shape of lip products are also similar to others, which makes it easier to apply the product onto our lips or for other function as well. 

Holy Lip Cremé
This one's actually a lip cream, with matte finish. They have good coverage on natural lip color, can even cover dark areas around lips. Surely feels so comfy to wear around all day long, last up to 10 hours long wearing. If you're having something oily like nasi padang or fries, you might want to touch up the lip cremé. For those who loves a multi-functioning product, here's the right one for us! Yep, this product works well on being eyeshadow and lip blush. As good as being the lip color. Anyways, I really love the product since they've registered on about being vegan and cruelty free. It might seems simple but for a local brand working with this concern for a better environment, hey, it's awesome!

Holy Lip Polish
If you're loving something that's more onto moisturizing and all-shiny sides, then you might prefer this one. Not possess a great coverage, but works great both on natural pinkish colored lip or even lipcream covered lips. Has great scent, this baby will make your lips look pretty and shiny. This adds up to the lip volume, which results in sexy looking lips. Since it has semi-transparent color, it suits every color of lips. As for the stickiness, it's just as sticky as normal lipgloss - but still very comfy! After eating or drinking, or maybe just stick your lips onto something or someone (LOL! ;p) you'll need to touch up for a perfect look. 

What I've got here:
Holy Lip Cremé GAIA - inspired from the goddess of Earth, this shade comes in peachy brown color that matches all skin tones. This is the darkest shade out of all from the lines. 

Holy Lip Cremé HEBE - comes in nude coral color that gives natural vibes on our lips. Inspired from the goddess of the Youth, this HEBE shade of lip cremé will make your natural beauty popped out naturally!

Holy Lip Polish LUNA - comes in transparent pinkish color with micro-glitter inside. Luna has glossy finish that can be used both as lip gloss or lip topper to make glossy effect even though we're wearing matte lipstick. The name itself inspired from the goddess of Moonlight and so the products comes with gorgeous shine.

Price: IDR 140.000 each
Overall thoughts, I really love all these three. But the best works for the lip cremé combined with the lip polish, makes a great result! Really love the final look, and definitely recommending these babies to you, babes.

Get the products at:

Thankyou luvvvs for reading this post!
Thankyou to Indobeautysquad and Looke Cosmetic for entrusting me to review the product. 
Watch the full swatch here!

See you on my next post!


  1. Masih ga percaya kalo Looke tuh dari Jogja hihihi I'm so proud! All the colors look very pleasing!

  2. Warnanya super cute dan Bagus Bagus bgt . Dan lagi ? Ini produk lokal. Uwuuuuu !

  3. wah warnanya daily banget ya kak, recommended sekalih deh pokoknyaa

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