Monday, June 3, 2019

Eid Al Fitri Makeup Inspiration

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya! Today I'm about to share something fun and simple, it's a makeup look inspo for you who are about to celebrate Eid Al Fitri. Me myself not celebrating the day, but to respect you I'm about to make this dedicated post. Anyway, it's always fun and exciting to celebrate something precious like this with family and friends. So here we go, some look for the big day!

For a non-hijaber , or simply someone who doesn't celebrate but still come to open houses for halal bi halal. I'd rather choose something that popped out, to make you stand out from the others.

Here's what I suggest; choose one of your eyes or lips to make some statement. Here, I tried use something bold as my eyemakeup. Using blue colored shadow to give the statement on my undereye. as for the complexion, still something matte and comfy to me, compliment with ombre lips for sure. Or you can try nude lips, perhaps.

As for those of you who wears hijab, I suggest wearing something natural and pretty just to embrace the beauty inside you. I'm pretty sure wearing hijab itself already makes you stands out in the crowd. While wearing white outfit, natural matte makeup should be the best. You needn't any touch up throughout the day. As for the eye makeup, you may choose something natural or in the same line color with your blush and lip color. Just to make them so sure that you're pretty just the way you are.

Anyway, in this photo I use matte ombre lips just to make sure that we don't need to be busy with touch up right after every single meal we had. You know, eid means feast!

Last, for those bold makeup lover. You might try this look, the one that plays around with smokey eyes and red lips. I'm using Urban Decay Naked Heat to create this smokey look, that I come to love it. As for the lips, you may choose something bright to balance the eye makeup itself. Anyway, don't forget to add some highlighter so they'll find you rightaway even though it's dark HAHAHA. 

Anyways, good luck on your makeup experiment! Happy eid al fitri 2019, hope you can enjoy and cherish every moment you have with family and friends. Happy holiday!

See you on my next post



  1. Wohohoh aku udh liat di youtube dongse��

  2. Waddduuhhh cantiknya nih kakak yaa, menginspirasi sekalihh ����

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  4. Manis bgtt ciii looknya😍❤️ Maaci for sharinggggg cii jenn