Saturday, June 15, 2019

Full Swatch and Review: Elshe Skin Lipstick

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to my beauty blog! How're you today? Get prepared because I'm about to share something exciting with you! Yep, I want to share the full swatch and review of one of our fave skincare range, yet today we're gonna be talking about lipstick. Whoa wait wait, a skincare brand launched a makeup?! Yep, and it's been in hype lately, especially after they launched the special collection featuring Tasya Farasya.

But today I'm not gonna share the collaboration series, I'll just share about the all-time collection. If you want me to review the Tasya Farasya x Elshe Skin collection kindly tell me through comment section, babes!

Okay, first, let's see the packaging. They comes in black carton box, with brand name and product information written all over the box. Pretty elegant I'd say, since the design is pretty simple and classy. Move on to the inside of the box, where we can find the bullet lipstick itself.
The lipstick made of sturdy cylinder packaging, with the same design of the box. It's all black with only brand name written on the cylinder. To open it, simply take off the cap and you'll get what you want. What I love about this product is they're thin, so it's gonna be really easy to slip it onto your bag even the small clutch.

As for the texture, this matte lipstick has creamy texture. I easily apply the lipstick, rub it all over my lips (no wild imagination please! lol). And yet, it doesn't feel rough or sticky at all. But the sad part is, it's kind of too creamy for such a matte finish lipstick. When it hits the floor (accidentally fall) turns out it got melted and the product's all over my floor. Thank God it only took of a small part of my lipstick (while most part are still inside the cylinder) so it's no big deal anyway. Just need to be careful on not to let the lipstick fall.

The most asked question: pigmentation and longevity. Well, the pigmentation is all good, just like other matte lipstick. As they have bright colors, the pigments are real.
Since they're matte bullet lipstick, let's just not expect too much (if you know what I mean, right). Usually the ones that stays longer are matte lip cream, not lipstick. This one's stay for a good moment, but still falls apart in front of oily foods such as nasi padang. But anyway, it's always easier to do touch up and add some more lipstick than removing some stains that can't even be removed. So I still love this one.

If you need my suggestion, the best shade to me are: autumn and adora. Those two makes great look if you just use it alone, and simply combine these two to create a perfect ombre color. Good to go!

(+) affordable, local brand
slim packaging
(-) need touch up

Price: IDR 49.000
Available at: shopee & website

Get additional 10% off with my code: SQUADJENNI for min purchase of 250.000 at all channel.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you on my next post, babes! 


  1. Aku baru tau Elsheskin ada produk makeupnya juga :D

  2. Wawww Bagus Bagus banget warnanya kak . Super cantiiiiik :))

  3. Kemasannya unyu tinggi gitu ya, packagingnya serba black gaterlalu rame. Matte and creamy banget nih keliatannya kalo dipakee �� i want

  4. entah kenapa ya kak akutuh kalo liat lipstik bikin greget pengen punya 😅 abis warnanya cakep cakep sih

  5. apa aku telat bgt yak ci😂 aku baru tau kalo elshe skin ada makeupnya loh😅 kirain cuma skincare