Monday, July 1, 2019

REVIEW - Biore Cleansing Water on Combination Skin

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya blog! Well, I just came home and feel so tired and have no energy left to spend on double or even triple cleansing. But still, we have to take a good care of our own skin by cleansing all the dirt and makeup, right? Skin is always an investmet – either time, or money, or even both. 

One product to the rescue when I’m low of energy : micellar water! Softest goodbye to all the makeup and dirt with one product. It’s super simple and easy to use – which is why I love them. What do you find in a cleanser? Price, practicality? Light ingredient, alcohol free, paraben free, and natural ingredients? Effective in reducing blackhead, brightening, and minimizing pores? Normal skin feeling? Or even high cleansing ability even able to remove waterproof ones? Well, me too, looking for all those above. 

Some eye makeup (especially eyeliner and mascara) are tough to clean up. If we don’t clean it well, we’ll have some sort of allergy and damage to skin (which we have to avoid – since eyes are very sensitive). But rubbing our eyes too hard’s gonna share a negative effect too. So we should just choose the right cleanser. 

Biore comes with two variants of micellar water; soften up to gives you moist and brighten skin (for normal to dry skin), and also oil clear to cleanse your skin of excess oil (for normal to oily skin). Both variants are using japan smooth bright technology, that makes this product able to cleanse all makeup, dirt, and excess oil from our skin. Making sure that my skin is cleaned thoroughly is very important to me, since mine’s really sensitive and got acne easily. This one-step cleanser is really life-safer. 

Product claim 7 extra benefits:
-      Allergy tested
-      Ophthalmologist tested
-      Non comedogenic tested
-      No added alcohol
-      No added colorant (you can see the product is just like mineral water- all transparent
-      No added fragrance
-      Natural skin pH
All those above claimed to gives you moist and plump skin as well as minimizing the risk of having allergic reaction. 

This comes in a handy bottle – with a plastic box to cover the bottle. Well in my opinion, it’ll be great if they just use the bottle without the plastic box (as the environmental concern). This product use a flip-top which makes it easier to pour the product without spoiling it. This one’s really travel friendly from the size and packaging type, which is why I always have this baby in my makeup pouch. 

How to use
Prepare the Biore Perfect Cleansing Water and cotton pads. Pour some product onto the pads (until it feels humid). You just need to pat / rub the cotton pads onto your skin. All areas must be cleansed thoroughly – including both eye and lip makeup. And voila, you’re good to go! You can sleep rightaway or rinse your face with water and facial foam. 

My opinion
This micellar water removes both makeup and dullness, and makes my skin looks a bit brighten up. Makes my skin feels smooth and moist. The most important thing is they cleanse my skin in no time – only one step needed. Which is the most suitable product for someone with tight schedule and low-energy after work. 
The good thing is, they have two sizes for both variants: 
300 ml / IDR 68.000
90ml / IDR 27.800

You can get the products at drugstores and online. 

Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post, luvvvs!


  1. To be honest when it comes to cleanser, I don't set any hiperbolic expectation other than its cleansing ability because they're basically just cleanser. I don't need it to become a brightening agent or minimizing my pores ahahah, because my serum can do that! I love cleanser that don't strip my skin's moisture away.

  2. Micellar Water is always come to rescue me when I am too lazy to wash my face hehehehe.

  3. Omg ! Jadi pengen cobaainnn dehhh..

  4. Makasih reviewnya udah ku baca sampai selesai dan dengan produk yang super keren dengan harga yang terjangkau dan aman digunakan the best ever kh kepo jadinya pengen cobain 😊

  5. Aku udah pernah cobain produk ini kak dan aku suka banget hasil nya itu mantep banget buat ngangkat make up dan bener benr bikin muka bersih

  6. Sejauh ini aku masih pake garnier micellar sih, biore ini belum coba. Next time mau coba hasil dikulitku gimana

  7. Aku dari dulu penasaran banget sama micellarnya Biore, nanti deh kalau Garniernya abis ganti ke Biore

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