Saturday, September 14, 2019

Hollywood Laser Peel at Skin and Co Clinic

Hello gorgeous, welcome back! In this tried and tested page, I’m gonna be sharing about my treatment experience at Skin and Co clinic, hang lekir, south jakarta. I’m having combination skin with concern of acne and blackheads, as well as sensitive skin. The team is really kind to give me a free consultation and treatment. I agreed since it’s really close to my house, just minutes away. 

So first when I came to the clinic, all the staff greet me politely. They asked me to fill the form (a normal clinic procedure for a new patient) and asked me to wait on the couch. They even prepared some light snack and drinks for free - for all customers! Not only those mineral water freebies, but also milk and juice. Healthy good start! 

After that, the doctor called me to come in and meet her. Thanks to the pretty Dr. Maureen Situmeang, SpKK who took a good care of me. She analyzed me thoroughly and see how’s my skin condition both with and without light, to see if there’s any serious problem. After a check, she said that my skin condition is more onto acne skin that can be caused by hormone (since I’m still young, around 20s). She told me that the best treatment she can do is Hollywood laser peel to fix this problem. It will help me get glowing skin as well as repairing all the acne problems all over my cheek and forehead. Seeing that explanation, I agreed to do the treatment. 

In the same room, then the staff cleansed my face with some sort of cleansing milk, and rub my face with sponge to take off the milk. After that, the doctor gave some charcoal liquid onto all over my face. She said it’s to take care of my acne, as I know charcoal is good to cure acne problems then I agreed to her. That’s quite unique, since I’ve been through facials like 1-2 years but none of those doctors and clinics I met gave me this kind of medicine. She said we can leave the charcoal for 5-10 minutes before continue to the next treatment. 

During the off time, the doctor talked to me and tried to get along. It’s good to hear those sincere convo during the treatment. She asked about how I started my journey as a content creator - and even didn’t believe that I’m a banker LOL but after talked about some banking stuff then she believed me #fingerscrossed haha. But anyways, it’s good to have a doctor that have concern about your life, how it might affect your lifestyle, and even affect your health and your skin. 

As this treatment combining between spectra laser and carbon lotion to rejuvenate the skin, it becomes everyone’s favorite including those Hollywood artists. That’s why they called the treatment as Hollywood laser peel. 

After around 5-10 minutes, they moved me into a different room ( I feel like they’re gonna operate on me as they moved, too much watching crime movies changes the way you think) but turns out we arrived at the laser treatment room on level 2. Even the nurse asked me to wait calmly on the couch as she prepares warm chocolate milk for me (extra sweetness detected! Love you so badly ms. Nurse huhu). After some moment, the doctor arrived onto the room and do the treatment on me (in this clinic, treatments with special equipments has to be done by doctors ONLY). 

*FYI: the spectra mode laser will warm the carbon layer that has been smeared onto the skin. Then the laser energy (Q-switched Nd Yag) shot onto the carbon layer to disengage dead skin cells, uneven skin tone, pigmentation/melamine, and to stimulate collagen production. 

If you ask me how do I feel - well, it feels kinda warm at the beginning with loads of crazy sound HAHA I am a coward who even got scared just from hearing the sound. But it turns out didn’t hurt me at all, it’s just the sound being so loud. It feels warmer on some places with more problems like pigmentations and acne, but still bearable. 
After those sounds, it’s time to calm down and relax by using the mask. This one’s my favorite part of all steps on every clinic treatment HAHA. It helps me to fall asleep for around 10 minutes, good timing! Then after that, they gave me some cream to calm the skin and sunscreen for protection. 

overall, I enjoyed this treatment as it gave me a glowing skin finish right after the treatment. As for long term effect on my acne skin, it didn’t do much difference. The doctor herself told me that it took few treatments to cure the acne and also the acne scars. Everything is a process, there’s no such instant treatment. But for a one time experience, it was a good one. 

The thing is it would be perfect if we can consult and conduct the treatment on the same room. It’s kinda a bit extrawork to move from one room to another - even tho the staff are really nice and the room is also clean. 

Additional info, this treatment is good for:
  • dull skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Large pores
  • Wrinkles

If you wanna try, it’d be better to book the appointment first than a go-show. 

Thanks for reading this experience, and also thanks for the team for this opportunity. Hope it helps you to know better about the treatment, see you on my next post!


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