Saturday, September 14, 2019

Vaseline Limited Edition Skin Serum All Variants Review

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to! Who loves bodycare? Me myself, love everything about body care. From taking bath for hours, spa, and even I love lotions to keep my skin moisturized. Not only at home after bath, I always bring lotions everywhere. Whenever I feel like dry and need something refreshing - I go find body lotion. Of course, I prefer those with good scents that I and other people around me can enjoy. That’s why, today we’re gonna talk about the new superfood skin serum. Curious enough? Let’s get started, shall we?

Two weeks ago - on 5th August, Vaseline has just launched their newest limited edition skin serum products. Enriched by micro droplets of Vaseline Jelly to repair and helped you to achieve glowing skin you’ve desired, this baby comes in three variants derived from superfood ingredients. They’re :
  • cranberry : for your bright glow skin
  • Citrus : for your fresh glow skin
  • Green tea : for your healthy glow skin
So basically, all three variants are meant to give you glowing skin. So it’s not only our face that glows but also our body. 

First thing first, let’s discuss about the packaging. Well I have to say that this limited edition is really “extra”. Rather than those simple monochrome packaging like the other Vaseline products, this range has summery-vibes on the packaging. As we can see, those printed plants and each ingredients on the packaging makes the packaging looks bright and fun! As for the size and tip-top bottle type is just the same as other Vaseline lotion products, with 200ml of liquid inside. It’s perfect to put at the powder room, bathroom, or simply beside bed as it’s handy. The tip-top sealed the bottle perfectly, makes sure there’s lo liquid being spilled out of the bottle accidentally.  

Next thing is about the texture. It took me a really short time to figure out that this product has a really comfy texture, which works well on my skin. Having a not-so-watery-gel-like texture, this skin serum absorbs in no time onto my skin! This is definitely lighter than body lotion and body butter, yet locks the moisture we need onto our skin. It even leave no sticky feels at all after dry. The best part is it makes my skin feels really smooth, zhen bang! Rather than oily-looking skin, the glow shows more onto natural healthy skin. This shows that our skin is well-hydrated. 

Last, about the scents of these three variants. 
Vaseline Superfood Skin Serum Cranberry: enriched with cranberry extract that’s well known for carrying collagen to repair skin, gives you bright and glowing skin! This one has the strongest as well as the sweetest scent above all three. If you’re more onto a sweet person, who loves berries scents, you’ll definitely love this one. 
Vaseline Superfood Skin Serum Citrus: enriched with citrus extract that’s well known for carrying the best vitamin C for skin nutrition, gives you fresh and glowing skin! This one has the freshest scent, for sure! Feels like I’m in Bali already HAHA but that’s true! Definitely suits those summer days the best.
Last but not least, my favorite one, Vaseline Superfood Skin Serum Green Tea: enriched with green tea extract that’s well known for carrying high antioxidant for skin hydration to give you healthy glowing skin! And this one, well my fave for being not-so-strong but relaxing scent. It makes me feels like being protected already and good to go to face the day! And other thing that I love from antioxidant - it’s good to protect ourselves from free radicals that can damage cells. 

Overall, my final opinion is I love these products, especially the green tea one. From the texture to the scent - it feels like perfect to accompany me on both busy days and dayoffs to keep my skin hydrated and smells good! Even more, they’re really affordable that you can find them everywhere. This is the key to those who wants fast-absorbing-hydrating product for skin yet feels so light. Dare to try? 

More info : @VaselineID 
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  1. I saw this products in drugstore and alotof my friends try it. The design so cute and their review about the scent good, too. Makes me curious to check this product too ^^

    - Kartikaryani

  2. Penasaran sama product mereka ini. Kemasannya lucu juga, emang dasarnya banci pekejing sih. Hahaha..

  3. I'm so curious about the Cranberry. I love everything about their packaging, claims, and I think I'd also love the scent. Is it limited edition? I wanna purchase it when I run out my body lotion, so I hope it's not limited edition huhu. Nice review, Jen!


  4. Packagingnya nyurik pwrhatian banget sih.
    Asli bikin kepo banget

  5. akuu suka yg cranberry ci ini😍❤️ Suka wanginya hehehehe lembabnya juga dapett mantep pol dahh

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