Monday, September 16, 2019

Brightened Skin Within 7 Days

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya blog! Today we’re gonna talk about skincare. I believe most of us loves brightening skincare since we don’t like to look having dull skin, right? So here’s my latest brightening skincare routine that I’ve been using for 7 days. Some of you might ask me why I already share the result rightaway after 7 days. But hey, why not when there’s already significant effect? ;p 

So few days ago I’ve challenged to join #showyourglow challenge Garnier Sakura White.

This brightening skincare routine is sakura white by Garnier. Not only brighten up our skin, this range also claimed to give us pinkish radiant and glowing skin

First thing first, we need to cleanse our face. I use sakura white foam. The texture is just as creamy as facial foam, and turns out having smooth foam without drying our skin. After usage I feel like my skin has been cleansed thoroughly, yet still feel comfortable without any dry or stretched skin problem. 

After using facial foam, I use sakura white essence lotion (this supposed to work just like toner, I guess?) but the texture is really unique. They’re more onto jelly-ish texture than watery and light. This helps the next product to be absorbed well by our skin. This toner absorbs really well and fast onto my skin, and prepare my skin for the next step. The only thing that’s out of my range is its strong scent – I feel like it’s too strong for a toner. But if you’re someone who loves perfume so much, it won’t be any problem. 

Next step, we continue with sakura white ultimate serum. The texture is more onto gel, thicker than the essence lotion. This serum, I must say, the best from this range that gives me glowing skin. I really love this baby! This super lightweight serum is infused with sakura extract and 5000 whitening capsules to boost 5 dimensions of our skin quality: more pinkish radiance, more transparent, smoother, even skin tone, bouncier and plumper. 

Ok then what’s next? It’s already three products. 

Next product depends on night or day routine. On day routine, I use sakura white day cream SPF21/PA+++ (this helps a lot to a morning rush person like me since it’s already contained spf). This day cream contains of 5 times more sakura than on the other products. After usage, I feel like my skin has been coated and protected. The texture itself is more onto thick day cream, just like other Garnier’s day cream product. Anyways, I really love how it absorbs onto my skin – fast and flawless. Makes my skin ready for makeup and face the world!

Meanwhile at night I use sakura white night cream. Both products helps moisturizing our skin. What differs both products is the texture. Day cream has thick texture meanwhile the night cream has watery gel texture. Difference from its partner (the day cream) this one’s contains 2 times more sakura than the others. That’s why, this baby can be considered as one of the most effective product. I always love gel-textured products; it suits more onto combination skin like mine than those creamy stuff. Anyways, both absorbs well onto my skin, makes it plump and moisturized. Ready to go to sleep and get some rest!

On me, the night cream works better than day cream. I suggest you girls to try this night cream to be your sleeping mask. You can use the sleeping mask once everyday, use a bit more than you usually do when you use night cream. See the magic works! On the next morning, I have glowing skin with no effort at all. I really love to have glowing and brighten up skin since it makes me looks like having healthy skin. 

Okay, last but not least, the serum mask. I believe almost all of you already known this product , or even tried serum mask by Garnier since they have lots of variants. This serum mask can be used up to 3 times a week for maximum result (I only use once a week tho, just to maintain my skin, but again it’s your choice hehe). Just like their other serum mask, this one mask consist of 1 week serum nutrition (that’s why they have loads of serum liquid. That’s why, I usually use the rest of the serum onto my other parts of body. Both knee and elbow, to heal dry skin and uneven skin tone.

After all, I really recommend this product range since it makes a big difference only in 7 days. sI love how good it works on my combination normal to oily skin.

So here’s the result after 7 days of usage. You can see how amazing the products till it makes my skin brightened up with pinkish radiance and even glows! Dare to take the challenge ? Let’s #ShowYourGlow using Garnier Sakura White, show your pinkish radiant and glowing skin using these products by purchasing them at Lazada. You can use my referral code to get special promotion: GARGLOW7hhhug on this link.

Thankyou for coming by, see you on my next post!


  1. Wow, it's totaly works on your skin, some acne scarf is fade. I feel likes I'm gonna try it, thank you for your sharing ^^

    - Kartikaryani

  2. Wow! Works well on your skin. Always curious about Garnier new products even their products not works well on mine.

  3. I've tried all the products except essence lotion. huhu I'm so curious. I love the scent, not too soft but not too hard. Anyway, you skin looks amazing!


  4. Aku suka ini sih!
    Beneran bikin kulit ku lembab kenyal dan cerah gitu.
    So far ini skincare pencerah yg works di aku

  5. Wow, the essence is unique. Usually essence have watery texture but this isn't like that.

    I want to try that! wkwk

  6. Wow , pengin coba nih' ,aku baru coba yg serian light complete bright up sih

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