Tuesday, October 3, 2017

[EVENT] : Ballerinas Shoes For Everyone

Hello gorgeous, welcome to my blog !

How’s your day? Hope you guys have a good day, and your day will be better after visiting my blog ;;) so today, I wanna share about another event I attended a few days ago. Hush puppies, one of the most famous brand around the world (as well as in Indonesia) has just launched their new collection of footwear. Well, usually we know this brand just by seeing the cute dog as their logo, right? They’re known for their footwear and even now they sell bags and outfit for men and women. Me myself, always love their footwear because of the comfiness and of course fashionable. 

Hush puppies launched the comfort walk ballerina collection-where style and comfort meet, which is actually a flat shoes. The message and visuals focus on being stylish and beautiful, and of course still feeling comfortable while wearing the shoes. You need to get these styles on to experience the comfort for yourself. Flirty and feminine shoes that are unbelievably comfortable, that’s what comfort walk ballerinas is all about. I've tried them myself, and they're super comfortable to wear, even for all day long activities. I'm more to a casual looking person, who wears flat shoes on weekends and other activity (because my feet are already tired from wearing heels everyday at office hiks) so I really love this one! Definitely gonna get one of them (or maybe some more?) into my flat shoes collection :D

The event was hosted at Lewis and Carol tea house, which is a good place to hang out and have a great tea time. With the touch of magic, the team of hush puppies decorated the venue with beautiful flowers and of course the star of the show, their newly launched comfort walk ballerinas. We get to see all models from this collection. They’re divided into two section, Belle and Samantha. Belle has 4 colors ; black, white, pink, and light brown. As for samantha, they prepare four choices of colors ; broken white, maroon, navy blue, and yellow. Pretty interesting, right?

Price : all models from comfort walk ballerinas collection IDR 1.199.000, and if you make an online order you’ll get another discount for this super comfy flat shoes! 

Not only get to see their collection, they also treat us some yummy dishes. 

1. Appetizer : Caesar salad

2. Main dish : Pan fried salmon , served with mashed potato and mixed salad

3. Dessert : vanilla bean panna cotta
While enjoying these delicious foods, we also have radhini as the guest star. She and her beautiful voice complete the whole event, and also made us enjoy the evening. I’ve always love her voice, and the way she sing make us enjoy each and every song she performed. 

I guess that’s all for the event highlights, thanks a lot to hush puppies and cosmopolitan for having me :D hope you girls enjoy this one as well as me, and I’ll see you on my next posts really soon!


  1. Salah fokus sama makanan2 nya kayanya enak ����