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Your First Step To Be A Make Up Artist

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Back to sharing session, we're going to talk about the important of learning makeup from the pro, and how fun it is! 

Lots of beauty enthusiast exist in this world, you know. Or maybe, you're one of them? Some being a beauty blogger/vlogger, but some beauty enthusiast want to be a pro make up artist. Me myself, actually just a beauty blogger. Some people assumed that beauty bloggers also do makeup services, so sometimes people ask me to do their make up. Good thing? Of course! This is such a big opportunity for us, when people trust their face to us. Not an easy stuff though, if you do wrong, people will badmouth about you (and will never use you as their make up artist anymore). That's why we need to learn from the pro, every single tips and trick and of course try to improve our skill each and every day. 

Make Up First ID is one of our solution. Actually there's a lot of make up school in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. They offer different programs and registration fee. You can learn from a freelance makeup artist, or from make up school like this. But I prefer school like this, because they have a proper certificates and great programs such as internships and alumni connections. That's good to start your career as a make up artist. 

Okay, so back to the main star today, I visited make up first last Saturday. They're located at Kemang Square, so it's pretty close to my house *glad* hihi. Arrived at around 9 am, I went to the class room right away. Here's the front desk :

They also provide brochures that contains information about make up first school of makeup and their programs.

Let's jump to the class activity! It's so fun that I can't hold to tell you girls anymore. Our teacher was Mba Libranietha (we called her mbak nietha). She's a professional make up artist that has already worked with many brands and events. She told us, being a professional make up artist is all about attitude. You act like one, you'll be one. She even showed us how we should act, with ambar (her team) as the client. Starting from asked the client about her day, and how she wanted her make up. Not only concentrating on make up, mbak nietha told us that we should aware of our client's skin type and the correct products we can use on client's skin. 

First step, we should clean our client's face first. We can use milk cleanser, oil cleanser, micellar water, or other type of cleanser we have. I prefer using milk cleanser and face toner, just to make sure our client's face cleared thoroughly. Remember, choosing the correct product according to skin type is really important. After cleans the face, we can use water spray like evian, avene, or bioderma to our client's face. It's good for hydration and prepare her face into a better condition. If the client have some dry patches we can use moisturizer until the skin well hydrated, so the make up won't break into lines. 

Secondly, we can use any kind of primer we have, of course must be a match with the skin type as well. Especially for oily skin, we should use primer to prevent too much oil on the face. After using primer, we can use corrector to fix the face color. Eye bags, pimples, and other imperfections can be blurred by using corrector. Don't forget to blend them as well.

Blending the corrector is important, so the color won't show anymore afterwards. After blending the corrector, use darker color under our eye bags to blur the orange color, then we can continue to next step. By the way, don't use concealer without any corrector if you have a really dark eye bags, or else it will turns out to grey colored skin. If you don't have any corrector, you can use lipsticks in red or yellow. Such a tricky one, right?

Remember to pick the right brush. Every make up artist have their own signature brush or sponge. We have to use the right brush for every application, to make a perfect make up. Also, we have to clean the brush every period (I clean every week) to make sure our client's face won't break out from irritating or bacteria. 

Move on to contouring, mbak nietha told us we need to do contouring inside and outside. Also, here's the new trick : put the contouring (liquid) onto the eyelid, to help you make deeper eyes and easier to make smokey eyes. Whoa! 

Move on to eye makeup, we can make different types of eyebrows. The ones that looks like american makeup, or the ones looks like korean makeup. It depends on our client's face and will. Don't force your client to use specific type of eyebrows if they don't match, it will be a failure. 
As for eyeshadow, we need to use eye primer, not foundation. Why? Because the foundation will make our eyes feels like heavy (not as heavy as life problems lol). For eye shadows, we can use any color we want. Will be great if we try to match it with the client's wardrobe. We can make smokey eyes, hello eyes, or just simply one colored eyeshadow with natural looks. Here's the hello eyes with natural color and winged eye liner.

Another tips from mbak nietha, we can use our business card when applying mascara, to prevent leaking colors onto the skin which we don't want to. Afterwards, of course just simply give out the card to our client, in case someday she needs us again.

And here's the result! She's looking super gorgeous, thanks to mbak nietha. 
After looking on how's mbak nietha working on ambar's face, then we got to try it on our model's face. As for me, fanny tjhindra was my model. Then here's the result :

Thankyou so much babe for being my model, and also thanks to make up first id for such a great experience. Wish to see you guys soon :)

instagram @makeupfirst_id 
Kemang Square Unit II-6 Jl Kemang Raya No 3 A, Jakarta Selatan
0822-9744-3702 / 0812 123 82339 / 021 71794722


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  2. Wah serunya bisa belajar makeup, iya kalo makeup sendiri dengan makeup in di muka orang lain beda rasanya kan hehehe ada kepuasan tersendiri kalau bisa buat orang lain lebih cantik.

    1. iya kak beda banget ternyata make up in orang hehe :D

  3. I used to want to be MUA too, however destiny spoke differently. I would like to visit this place someday. Love how professional the MUA is :)
    Anyway, nice to know you Jenni, let's keep in touch, how about support by following each other? Please let me know :)


    1. You should learn here, they'll teach you not only doing makeup but also the attitude :D sure! let's follow each other hoho i've followed you btw

  4. seems like a really fun class :)

  5. wah bener sih selain hasil makeup-nya, kadang cara kita berkomunikasi sama client juga penting

    1. hehe iya bener, biar client puas dari hati jg kalo cara kita berkomunikasi udah bener yakan :D

  6. Abis kuliah emang ada rencana pengen sekolah makeup pas nanti kerja, boleh juga nih ntar disamperin, makasih kak infonya ^^

    1. hehe goodluck! Pasti bisa deh, disini diajarinnya bener-bener personal jd sampe mahir :D

  7. interesting !
    kalo ada makeup class sering2 pasti seru ya ^^

    1. iyaa sseru banget, plus sambil menambah ilmu hehe