Sunday, October 15, 2017

[EVENT] : Votre Peau First Launching

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Today I'm sharing about one exciting event that I attended a few days ago. It's the very first launching ever from Votre Peau. This local brand was produced locally in Indonesia, with ingredients from France. Votre Peau in France means "your skin", made to match the skin of people living in tropical country. I believe this one make a good match for us as it was produced from natural ingredients. 
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The event was held in the private room of Galleries Lafayette Pacific Place. It was so crowded, the room filled with medias (reporter) and bloggers (from Beauty Journal, including me). Not only media, they also invited influencer, Suhay Salim as the guest speaker and Head of Beauty Journal as well. 

Why Votre Peau? The name itself made to remind us to take care of our skin. It's our own skin, so we need to take a good care of it. Another thing is, our skin represents us; lifestyle, our health even including mental condition. So then, out skin should represents how beautiful this life is. 

Here's the good stuff : this skin care can be used by both men and women. Especially those with sensitive and allergic skin, it will be great to use this brand without harming our skin. The formula itself was developed by dermatological doctors, so they believe people will accept Votre Peau itself because of the quality and good impact on our skin. 

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Till the day of launching, they have five products. Here's The details:
1. Votre Peau Dermasonic Cleansing Brush (IDR 690.000)
Spa treatment tool that use dermabrasion technology to treat and nourishes skin through cleansing, exfoliating, and smoothing. The clean up phase removes dirt and excess oil from face, the exfoliating stage removes dead skin cells and stimulate the process stimulate the growth of new skin and collagen. Smoothing stage through applying moisturizer and serum using hydration sponge for maximum absorption. The rotation speed can be adjusted to comfort level and tolerance.

2. Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum (IDR 220.000)
Serum itself has a natural ability to moisturize, protect, brighten, and induce the formation of collagen. C-serum will act as a humectant, which helps us to have hydrated skin. In addition, vitamin C will penetrate into skin cells, protecting it from oxidation. It's very important to make sure our skin have enough level of vitamin c so the collagen will be produced in plenty amount, instead of being damaged. 

3. Votre Peau Facial Sun Shield (IDR 220.000)

It should always be used as a daily protection for our skin. Even when we just stay indoor and going everywhere by car, we still need this to prevent ultraviolet (UV) and oxidant from damaging our skin. Excessive UV can bring us wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and darkening of our skin. The active ingredients is zinc oxide, which blocks UVA and UVB. Facial sun shield tend to be avoided by oily or acne skin, but this one is oil free and non-comedogenic. Isn't this great news? We finally get a sun shield that can be used for oily skin :D

4. Votre Peau Collagen Booster Night Cream (IDR 240.000)

Extracted from sugar cane plant. The acid removes dead skin cells, fades excessive pigmentation, and useful for anti aging. The argan oil inside this product was from Morocco, has fatty acid, oleic acid, linolei acid, that are good for softening skin.

5. Votre Peau Kojic Acid Sake Essence (IDR 220.000)

Last but not least, this facial spray contained kojic acid from rice fermentation. Kojic is a pigment inhibitor that can create a bright and soft skin. Has high water content, the spray will make your skin hydrated. 

So that's all for this event and overall Votre Peau products, thanks to Votre Peau and Beauty Journal for having me :) 

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  1. looks like you gals had so much fun in the event! can't wait to read more from ya

    1. indeed ! wait for more posts :D follow me to get notification

  2. lumayan juga yah harganya si votre peau ini... btw aku penasaran gimana cara ngucapin "votre peau" yang bener

  3. Hmm.. Interesting. I'm waiting the review :)

    1. wait for the notif of new post :D lots of new posts coming up :)

  4. Aku penasaran banget sama serum vitamin cnya, kira kira bisa buat kulit kering ga yaa?

    1. bisaa banget :D malah ini di kulit kering,sensitif,jerawat efeknya bagus gitu hehe :D

  5. aku tau brand ini pas di Imae kemaren banyak beauty enthusias yang ngebahas. Aku penasaran banget sama magic blue eye creamnya cuma belum ada yang review sih.

    1. iyaa ini hits banget, tapi si eye creamnya baru launching kayanya (?) jadinya belom ada yg review hehe