Monday, October 16, 2017

[EVENT] : NgemilFRUITBAReng yuk, Dijamin Nggak Bikin Gendut

Hello Gorgeous, welcome back to my blog :D
Another event I wanna share today, was such a super fun experience ! You girls must have known WRP , right? WRP is a company that sells product, which is identical with diet products to lose weight. But now, they're not only selling lose weight products but also sell everyday products.

As for everyday products from WRP everyday, they have two products. They're WRP everyday milk and WRP fruit bar, which has just launched this month. Well, people nowadays aware of healthy lifestyle, and of course will choose clean eating and healthy snack rather than random snacks like cilok or something similar. WRP presents fruit bar, to solve this problem.

The Grand Launching of WRP fruit bar was held in Mini Atrium, Gandaria City Mall, South Jakarta. Actually, they had done the roadshow in some public places like train station. So the event has two session each day (Saturday and Sunday), early in the morning and in the afternoon.
I joined the second session on Sunday. The event started at around 4 pm, lots of my blogger fellows gathered around the atrium, strolling around, taking photos and trying the products. The stage and atrium was decorated in yellow color, as the main color of WRP fruit bar. They prepared a mini studio for taking photos, main stage for the main activities, and three main booths as well. The booths are : Fashion, Beauty, and Travel; and each bloggers that invited to this event represent one booth according to their blog content.

As the MC opened the session, we talked about the star of the day, WRP Fruit Bar which is newly launched this month. We tried this apricot and raisin flavored fruit bar together. This product is a multi-grain bar which has 8 vitamins and 2 minerals. Such a healthy snack in this millennials era, right? Not only offering a healthy fruitbar, WRP also knows that millennials gen loves chocolate as much as healthy snacks. So then, they combined this fruit bar and chocolate, then they made WRP fruit bar.

How's the taste? Well, it's unexpected, I can say. I love eating this kind of bar as snacks. I eat like crazy and can't stop munching, every single day. As for me, other brands has this kind of bar but they have different flavor. For this one, the taste of fruit is stronger than chocolate, so I kinda feel like I'm eating fruit, not chocolate. The taste itself is not too sweet, but not too sour. Such a perfect taste, right?
Talking about the size of WRP fruit bar, it's only 20gr which is a palm size (in my case tho) and only has 80calories! This is a perfect snack, and healthy as well. Make you feel had enough snack, in between full and hungry.

Along with trying this healthy fruit bar snack, we also tried WRP everyday milk which is served in two flavors : Chocolate and Vanilla. But I'd choose chocolate rather than vanilla, as the vanilla seemed too creamy for me.

[bloggers and influencer]

After we tried the everyday products, we continued to games session. There are three games that represented those three booths :
1. Beauty : Ombre lips challenge in 60 secs
The host choose 3 random people and asked them to joined the challenge, super fun right?

2. Fashion : Create summer OOTD in 60 secs

Well I never thought gonna win the first place, just picked some stuff that I thought would match my blue outfit then it comes out the judges love my look :D the other contestant look pretty tho :)

3. Travel : Pack as much as you can in 60 secs

It was super fun, going out with my friends to WRP Fruit Bar Launching and eating all the time (LOL) and we won't getting fat! That's the best point : we can eat this everyday and yet still have a good shape. Thanks WRP  for inventing such a great product!


  1. aku suka susu WRP~ penasaran sama fruit barnya :D tapi di mini market masih jarang yah..semoga nanti juga ada di mini market~

    1. wajib dicoba hihi ini sih di indomaret gtgt udah ada, coba dicari aja :D

  2. We eating all the time and we won't get fat because WRP Fruit Bar, is the best part of this post ^^

  3. We eating all the time and we won't get fat because WRP Fruit Bar, is the best part of this post ^^

  4. Aku suka fruitbarnyaa! Enaak
    Nice to meet you btw ^^

  5. Aku suka ini loh, rasa nya enak dan ga bikin ndut

    1. iyaa rasanya enak banget kayak makan buah gitu ya :D

  6. WRP is da best, no need to think of calories :D