Friday, October 27, 2017

[EVENT] : Halloween Luncheon with CChannel and Pocky

Hello gorgeous, welcome to my blog :)
Today I'm gonna share about an event that I've attended few days ago. You must've known this month we'll celebrate halloween, right? It feels fun and exciting, can't wait to celebrate it! To answer my prayer, these two companies, cchannel and pocky together create an event, halloween luncheon. The event took place at Harlow Brasserie, Rasuna Said (the building is connected to mmc hospital). It was hard at first to find the place (I thought it was different with mmc hospital lol, my bad) but it turns out I can make it in time.

Before witness the fun of having halloween party, let's learn about halloween. Do you know why we celebrate halloween? Actually, halloween was an ancient tradition from Europe. Perhaps, you girls suspected it was from America? Then you're all wrong :p it's from Europe, they do dressed up and wear make ups like ghosts back then, to made them look like ghosts or either to scary the ghosts. It seems like, the ghosts used to disturb humans. That's what we usually do each year, dress up like ghosts. But here's the thing : cchannel and pocky wanted to celebrate it differently. They want us, which most of us are beauty enthusiast, celebrate halloween beautifully. We do dress up and make up, but not to look scary, but the other way, to look pretty. Such a good concept, right? That's why they made this halloween luncheon event, to celebrate halloween together with us in such a unique way.

Right after the program host introduced himself, then he lets us to get our lunch first. It's a buffet type, with western menu. I had soup, black pepper beef, chicken wings, and also potato wedges. I eat pretty much LOL I'm such a big eater tho ;p and there are two types of drinks : mineral water and tea, both served cold. Maybe they prepare this to bring us western feel B). 

Then we continue to the event, starting with the ceos and directors from both company. Well.... this is pretty interesting. The CEO of cchannel is super handsome <3 and the one from pocky indonesia is also good looking tho. They made my day! They introduced us about the products - why we celebrate the day, how's the company working, and some other stuff. Well, as for pocky, I'm a regular of the product so I know all variants that are available in Indonesia and worldwide (wherever I go I always buy pocky lol such an addiction) but for cchannel, this is a new thing. I just figured it out as the company itself is very interesting. They provide a one-minute tutorial for some topics like beauty, cooking, and other else. Super fun, right? 

I love to watch those kinds of videos, and also love to try them too. They had bunch of videos we can watch, and the company itself started from Japan and then grow bigger and bigger, spread to some other countries. Someday, I wish, I could be one of their clipper.

Up next, we learned to make a DIY witch hat, also with cchannel clipper! OMG this is super fun, trying our very own DIY. Kak Vindy is the clipper who taught us about this, we can recreate it as we want. It only need simple stuff but it turned out pretty good to be our halloween property. Every girl in the room create their own witch hat, and here's mine.

Then we learned how to style ourselves for halloween. The stylist told us that we can just use any simple concept, or whatever comes in mind. The easiest way is just stick to dark color, like black for example. Or we can try to dress up like a high schooler, witch, some other characters from horror movies. After then we had a challenge! It's a make over challenge, we choose one from each team to be the model, we dressed them up. As for my group.... you girls already know, right? YEP. I'm the one who became the model and my friends dressed me up. I thought it'll be a failure but it turns out pretty good! 

That's all for the event recap. Thanks to CChannel and Pocky Indonesia for having me, and I'm looking forward to another super fun event!


  1. Love it, I was there too, Halloween Luncheon with CChannel and Pocky, enjoyed the event.

    1. whoa, hope we could have some chit chat, see you next time!