Sunday, October 29, 2017

[EVENT] : Youth and Beauty Blogger Gathering

Hello gorgeous, happy sunday! 
Today I'm gonna share about an event (again) collaborating with youth beauty clinic and Indonesian Female Bloggers. The event itself was held on Saturday, October 14th 2017 at Seasonal Taste, Westin Hotel Jakarta. The theme was " Secret to be Young and Beautiful ".

When I came, the table was set and there was the bloggers name on each table. Of course with information of our blog and instagram as well. Usually the event planners only prepare our name, but this time they did extra miles. Such an interesting one, right? Then we continued with having lunch at the restaurant. I took some main course, and also the best part is dessert! 
[western food for main course]


After we finished lunch, Dr. Gaby and Ussy Pratama did an interview for media first. This is my first time having a blogger event with so much medias. All television channel had their reporters there, asking a lot of questions to them and very enthusiast about the event, just like me! The conversation was pretty short, because we need to start the event and the media had enough answers about their curiosity. It turned out that Ussy was one of dr. Gaby's patient. She had done fat freezing treatment, one of the YBclinic's specialty. Ussy said, it was painless, and easy. Unlike other slimming treatment, this one reduces your size step by step, of course she needs to watch her diet so it will work effectively. But then, she said, she loss a significant amount of fat in her body, thanks to dr. Gaby.

Then we continue to the session with bloggers, where we can talk about the clinic, any kind of treatments and skin problems, and some testimonials from the MC and Ussy, both are dr. Gaby's patients. 

Dr. Gaby shared about how we should take care of our skin.  She said there are some factors that can affect our skin condition. Like stress, lifestyle, smoking & drinking, genetic, and others. Regardless of the factors, we still need to take a good care of our skin to look good. The main thing that we should do every day is cleanse our face thoroughly. Double cleansing is a must, she said. Sometimes the makeup and skincare we use have different base, one is oily and the other is water. Same as that, our cleansing also has some type. The best thing is we use oil based cleanser and facial wash. Because oil based is good for deep cleansing (and make up base e.g primer is usually an oil-based, which cannot be cleansed by a water based). If we only use micellar water and facial foam it won't cleanse deeply. It might looks fine outside like our makeups are cleansed, but actually not. Inside the pores there are some leftovers, you girls. 
I also asked about how's my skin condition with some acne scars and blackheads, she said I need to do a thorough deep cleansing each and every day, especially because I go out here and there taking gojeks and everything, made my face had a lot of dirt daily :(.

Arie & Una as our MC
Arie shared that he was once had a super awful acne on his face, like all over his face. Then he tried the treatment here at youth and beauty clinic, he tried Hollywood peel laser, and made that a routine. Then look at him now! His skin is super moist and clean, way way better than mine. Awesome!

After that, Ussy also shared about her experience at youth and beauty clinic. She tried some treatments for herself, right after she gave birth. She did fat freezing to thin her fat (which she already shared with medias before the event). She also had ulthera - an ultrasound treatment which is a rejuvenation treatment, which can tighten your skin and make you look tapered (but she said it hurts when she did the treatment). Also PRP or we know as vampire facial, a treatment using our own blood - where our blood was processed first and then the doctor inserted the extract back into our face, so the spots will fade. 
All of the treatments she tried, she said it all worked on her. Every person has different response, but this one worked really well. Her fat was reduced, she looks way way slimmer than before, and her face looks better. Ussy said that having an ideal body is not actually a goal. But for her, what's more important is feeling comfortable in her own body. Being slimmer made her more comfortable and brings more confidence. That's why she tried the treatment and watch her diet. 

She also introduced her make up brand, DISSY cosmetics. They had a lot of products, but the one that was recommended was the lip cream. It has a super pretty natural color, so it's very wearable. We tried on one of our blogger's face, and it comes out super pretty! Once again, the lipstick color can be different based on the model's skin color. This one, works well on light and dark skin color. 

Each event must have an end, this one too. Before closing the event, Dr. Gaby from youth and beauty clinic and ussy choose two best make up of the day, which was represented by these two. They said, the makeup looks good for daily activity and coming to afternoon event like this. Simple, and not too much to put on. Congrats, girls!

Not only the best make up, they also choose the best dress of the day. Luckily, they choose me as one of the best dress, super proud! Well, I thought all girls comes very pretty and well-dressed. This one I use, is actually an own-made by my mom. ;p and both of us of course, get a souvenir from dissy cosmetics.

[goodie bags for coming to event ]

[ goodie bag for winning the best dress ]

Here's the swatches of both lip cream product from dissy cosmetics. The intensity is pretty good, the color popped out really well. I love the one that colored pink (since I love pink) but the ginger one was not bad too! Anyway when I tried it on my lips, the texture feels creamy, moist, and not made my lips cracking. It gets off easily when I wiped it with water and hand, so when I eat it needs to be touched up. Good for daily use, from my opinion, like going to office and other casual occasion. Even good for going to class as well! This one, goes right to my make up pouch <3.

 That's all for the event recap, thanks to both Youth and Beauty Clinic and Dissy cosmetics as well for having me! It was very fun and I'll see you guys on my next post!

*p.s : wait for the review of treatment soon!


  1. Seru banget ya event nya semoga next time kita ktm lagi ya Jen cantik 😘

  2. Acaranya seru ya. Sayang kemarin kita gak sempat kenalan and ngobrol :)

    1. iyaa , hope to see you & have a chit chat next time :D

  3. Hi jens elamat ya cantik dapet best dress emang kamu cantik maksimal sih all out hehe. nice to meet you jen:)

  4. Seneng bisa datang ke event yang sharing ttg kecantikan.
    Iya ya double cleansing tuh penting banget, apalagi kalau kesehariannya pakai make up TFS

    1. iya seru banget, memang wajib banget double cleansing gitu hihi

  5. Haha Gojek Fighter juga
    Imbas nya pasti muka gampang bermasalah dehh :((

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  6. Hii Jennitaaa ternyata kamu ya yang bajunya kece abiis >.< syantiiik

  7. Congrats ya Jen dapat best dress! Itu bajunya bikin sendiri Jen? Waaah keren banget mau juga dong dibikinin maxi dress gitu..

  8. Aku baru pertama kali ketemu, salam kenal yaaa.. acara kemarin seru banget sharing sama Ussy dan dr. Gabby juga 😄

    1. salam kenal juga kak :D had lots of fun tho, it'll be more fun if we hv another chit chat :D