Monday, December 18, 2017

Stay Fresh All Day with Natur-E Face Mist

Hello gorgeous! Well, after a long and tiring day, I'm gonna refresh my mind with something good! Writing another exciting event here, as well as reviewing a great product is such a mood booster and perfect activity to wrap up the day like this!

Just got home after watching a good movie, "Wonder", with my office mattes, now we're gonna talk about the latest event that I attended on last Saturday. If you girls have already followed my instagram (you should follow me if you haven't) you must've known I attended the event with Natur-e at Veranda Hotel, South Jakarta. The event was started with lunch (yes I love eating lol). By the way, before continue to the event I just wanna say that I'm in love with Veranda and Wyl's Kitchen. There's a pool there!! Resto/cafes with pools are always my fav and best place ever hihi. OK then without further do, let's move on to the fun part!

As the MC greet all bloggers and have some chit chat, and media reporters as well, she also welcome our guest speakers. They're Nadine and Hana, both have a lot of activities (indoor and even outdoor) and yet still have good healthy skin. Me myself, also curious how they keep up with those kind of pollution in Jakarta. Nadine is an actress and also work for saving OrangUtan from extinction, which make her exposed to sunlight and even go to the woods. As for Hana, she is a softball athlete and actress, you girls can already imagine how many hours she will be exposed to sun light and open air everyday, right?

So here's the solution to have a good healthy skin like them. There was an unboxing bag session with both of them, and one common thing they have is : skin care and skin supplement. Both of them use Natur-e as a daily and must product to have good skin. Not only vitamins, they also use Natur E Body lotion and their newest launched product, Face Mist. Here's the review and details of Natur-E Face Mist.

We don't realize, that premature aging is a big threat to women here in Indonesia, especially girls like me who lives in Big City or Capital City, like Jakarta. A lot of pollution, radiation (UVA&UVB), smoke, alcohol, pesticide, and unhealthy foods are main factors that can ruin our skin and fasten aging process, which thing called photo-polluaging. Skin damage that was caused by photo-polluaging are dull skin, irritation, premature aging, and dehydration of our skin. Not only threaten by photo-polluaging, Indonesian women are also facing a lot of daily activities that makes them want to look beautiful all day, blocked by time to take a good care of their skin. That's why we need to have a product, that can refresh our skin in no time and of course, can be used anytime.

For bloggers like me, or maybe artist or busy person, we really appreciate those kind of product that can be used as fast as possible, but can refresh us. After feeling refresh, we usually work more productively than before. This face mist by Natur-E, is a facial spray that can refresh,moisten and protect our face from photo-polluaging.

Well, to me, the packaging look super simple (like most of spray bottle we can find at the stores) yet make an impression of refreshing and easy to use. With brand name on the side and manufacturer also product info, make us know how high to expect the product performance. They also complete the look of the product with Peach flower, to show what's the main ingredient in it.

Main ingredients

  • Peach flower extract ; as the anti photo-polluaging that gives us sensation of refresh and protect our skin from exposure to sunlight and pollution
  • Vitamin E, as the antioxidant that can maintain the moisture level on our skin and prevent free radical
  • Aloe Vera, to moisten our dry skin

First impression
At the event, I tried the product right away *too curious to be true*. I tried to spray them onto my face (after going outside for taking photos). It feels super refreshing onto my face since they spray a lot of water (and some other ingredients). The scent is also relaxing (which made me fall in love). Unfortunately, I have to keep the bottle away on a good distance to have it even on my face. If not, then my face will be very wet lol ;p Right after using the Natur-E Face Mist Spray, I feel like refreshed already! Super easy to touch up your make up (and feel) without even ruining one spot of our make up! There are some things I'm curious (or afraid I guess) is it okay for acne skin, and also is it good for my skin because they put some alcohol. They said it's gonna be totally fine for acne skin and alcohol make the product easier to use. We can spray this 4-5 times a day to have a good result.
Well, this is kind of touch up skin care (to make our face look fresh and not dull) without even changing any spot on our make up. I'm gonna try it to be my base (prep) before using any kind of make up products. Are you girls curious enough?

As the pioneer in complete series of skin care, Natur-E have commitments to take care of healthy and beauty skin of Indonesian women. That's why Natur - E always innovate on their product, including this newest product. This product also complete the Natur-E 300 series which is a skin care product from outside and inside for women aged 25-35 years old. Consist of Natur-E 300 soft capsule, 4 variants of body lotion for outside protection, and also face mist that can protect our skin from outside. The complete series will make the maximum nutrition to be absorbed onto the skin, keep them healthy and beautiful naturally, and of course halal!

That's all for my review, I'll see you girls on next posts!


  1. Aku baru tau natur-E ada face mist nya, ketinggalan jaman. Huhu jd penasaran