Sunday, December 17, 2017

[EVENT + REVIEW] : Catappa Resto Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran x Canmake BBGathering 2017

Hello gorgeous, back here again! Well, lately we’ve been talking a lot about lifestyle and some other stuff beside beauty. Today, we’re gonna do it again. I’m gonna share about an event I attended last Sunday. The event itself had a lot of fun, and some must-shared items, so let’s get into it!

The event was blogger gathering at Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran. At first I had dilemma, because the location was like super far away from my house :( and I don’t know how to get there. Fortunately, one of my friend (my partner in creating Cloud Studio was also invited so we went together from our studio in the morning. It was far (just like my expectation), is it worth to attend the event? Read this article till the very end!

It began with taking photos around the location and some free time before we really start the event. Love at first sight, I can say to the hotel and decoration. The building itself was great, completed with nice restaurant and also Christmas decoration *I always love Christmas, do you?* there’s a giant Christmas tree in the lobby and Santa and his gifts in the corner near Catappa restaurant, where the gathering was held. Well, I’m wondering, when will I have a staycation there? It was lunch time, and so Frist as the one who held the event and also act as the MC opened the day, and taking in Mbak Sekar as well to have few welcoming speech to us. Another #funfact here, I thought Mbak sekar was an actress. She looked too beautiful and even similar to an artist at RCTI’s TV Series named “Anak Jalanan”. (I’ll attach the photo so you girls can see how much they look alike HAHA)

Mbak sekar as the Marketing and Communications Manager of Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran introduced us to the hotel and Far East Asia Weekend Brunch which is always available at the hotel every weekend. She made me feel excited to try the food as soon as I can, so why don’t we go to next activity? Next part is playing with food, where the chef from the hotel showed us how to make simple Christmas menu. Here’s the recipe and the result:

  1. Fish fillet
  2. Garlic & Red onion
  3. Flour
  4. Sereh

How to create it ? Super simple! We just need to fry the fish till golden brown (and of course crispy) then mix it up with the other ingredients. The thing is, when covering the fish fillet with flour, don’t forget to add some salt and pepper to make it taste good. Then of course, last but not least, mix them with the super delicious “sambal matah” and voila! You’ve got the best and simple Christmas snack :D another fact here, Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran has joined the campaign of planet 21 since October 2017. It was a campaign (or commitment) to reduce food littering, which is of course will take a good care of our world, for sure! I always love companies that have good corporate governance. 

After having fun with cooking time and the talented Chef, we continue with lunch time and of course, all you can eat served by Grand Mercure Kemayoran! Well, this is why I love staying at hotels (yup, I do it regularly to have some kind of me time or refreshing time after working so hard), they serve plenty of food, of course here in GMK they serve a lot of variety. From asian to western food, they have it all here. To taste all of them here, you only need to pay IDR 208.000, super worth it, right? 

I tried some different menus here, to give you all a good review! It was super fun, trying here and there, a lot of different yet delicious dishes! The first one I tried was dimsum (Chinese food section), I took a lot of items HAHA (since it’s lunch time I can take as much as I want, right?it won’t make me fat as I’m already fat ;p) what I love from this section are : ngohyong (fried beef or maybe mixed with prawn rolled up inside tofu skin, I wish the meat can be changed into pork to have a more delicious taste), curry squid (this one’s super chewy and delicious, I can taste that it’s fresh), and also ceker ayam (which taste similar to the one I always eat at home and at my favorite Chinese restaurant). well, for this Chinese food section I can say they’re good at it, make a delicious taste (i’ve been eating Chinese food ever since I was born lol Chinese blood in me). After then I tried Japanese food section. Just like normal Japanese food, they serve sashimi and some simple sushi. But the good thing is, the sashimi is super fresh! I can tell by looking at its color, both tuna and salmon sashimi. After I taste it, as I expected, it taste good! 

Last but not least, of course there’s always a room for dessert, right? I had some cakes (of course accompanied by Santa Claus here. They prepare a lot of dessert (and there’s also a unique huge ginger bread house) from macaroon to cakes, even until “jajanan pasar”. Unfortunately, I took it late so they’re already run out of those menus I wanted to try :( I wanted to taste the macaroon (which is one of my favorite dessert) but that’s totally fine, since they still have a lot of cakes and ice cream! Here’s some dessert I tried. They all taste delicious to me, the cake itself felt so moist and not over sweet. Perfect taste to close the buffet session! 

For you who are interested in staying here or just simply try their menu, here is the two best-selling menus, that Mbak Sekar told us likely requested by the customers. Looking delicious, right? Me myself want to try these menu, hopefully next time I visit them I can taste these menus! 

Have you got any idea where to spend Christmas eve, or maybe new year? Here are some special deals and events by Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran : 
  • Christmas Eve dinner (dec 24th 2017, 7pm to 10 pm. IDR 280.000++/person)
  • Christmas brunch (dec 25th 2017 from 11.30 am to 3 pm. IDR 230.000++/person)
there will be visit by Santa claus, complimentary photo booth, and kids activity as well! Perfect for family occasion
  • New year brunch (january 1st 2018 from 11.30am to 3pm, IDR 218.000++/person)
And of course, NEW YEAR PARTY! There’ll be a lot of fun there, with neon party theme. Of course a lot of activities and DJs, and kids are allowed. You can join the party by staying at their superior room, go contact them for further information and bookings.

Feeling full enough with those delicious food, next we’re having the makeup class by Canmake. Mbak Yohana Prieda as the media relations from Canmake greet us and tell some details about the brand. All of you must have known the brand, since it’s very famous and we can find it everywhere. It’s a drugstore products, come from Tokyo, Japan. Just like catrice cosmetics, they have a good quality of product. As for this brand, I can’t resist to say that the packaging was totally cute! I’m falling in love with the packaging, and too tempting to try them. So I decided to make some swatches of their products here. The color was too cute, and I love those sparkles from the trio-eyeshadow (bling bling is always my stuff, and even with those proucts from canmake i can make both soft natural look until bold look, awesome!). 
The make up artist from Canmake said, we can use the newly launched glitter cream to be our eye base, or even to seal up the eyeshadow (use it after eyeshadow) hence by, the eye will look super glamor and pretty :3 and not only for eye, the glitter itself can be used also as highlighter. We can use it on nose, cheek bones, and cupid bow, or even top it onto our lipstick to look glam as well! The best stuff is, they're water resistant  Lovey! It's not the end, we still play with another product. Lip and cheek cream from Canmake, also a must-try product, they said. We can make natural blush, and to create something more intense we can built it up. Well, I'm pretty curious with the lip and cheek to be use onto my eyelids as eyeshadow, should i try it?
They also have some new products that have launched, themed Japan Glam Look. For you who are curious with their products, stay tunned because I’m going to create the product review soon on the next post! 

Last but not least, thankyou to Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran and Canmake for this event, hope to meet you again in the future!


  1. Canmake lucu-lucu kemasannya aku gemes! :D Pengen punya bedaknya someday, belum keturutan juga hahaha

    1. iyaa gemes banget packagingnya ahaha coba divisit ke tokonya, kalo udah pegang pekejingnya pasti gakuat iman wkwk

  2. sigh.. i skip the part when MUA applicated eyeshadow to made glam look :(

    1. so sad :( it was super fun tho, i'm so in love with their newest product (angel eyes or something named angel wkwk)

  3. Asyik ya abis makan belajar make up bareng hehehehe :)

    Dee -