Thursday, July 5, 2018

New Brand Detected : Deborah Milano Review + Makeup Inspiration

Hello gorgeous, back again with JennTanMakeup time! Been missing sharing about makeup products, since we've been focusing with skincare for a while. Well, have you got your pretty skin? Well after getting a perfect base (re : pretty skin), I'm kinda tempted to share about makeup again. Are you ready, girl?

Have you ever heard about the brand "Deborah"? The name sounds new to me, so let's get to know the brand first. Deborah Group has been decorating Italy's cosmetic industry for around 100 years, started as a family business and now Bonetti family taking care of the business. Keeping up with the trend, created innovative products to fulfill women needs. "Objects you can touch" and "Color you can wear" been representing the brand really well, till today. Exploring with colors from famous brands such as Guess and Borsalino, also collaborating with designers Such as Mario Trimarchi brings Deborah Milano and their famous lipstick "live in the hands of women". After 100 years exist in this industry, you don't need to hesitate about its security.

Seeing such great company profile, made me want to share the product review to you. Well, I have almost every product you need onto your face, so hopefully this post can represent overall product review of Deborah Milano.

First, let us talk about their complexion. I have two products here, the first one is 5in1 BB cream and the other one is compact powder.

1. BB cream foundation
Well, not so sure why they named this as BB cream foundation, since all I know is BB cream is different from foundation. But the brand claims this product as skin perfector, light to medium coverage, and multi action formula 5in1. They are :
- smooth and primes skin
- conceals and minimizes imperfection
- evens out skin tone
- moistures and nourishes skin
- protects agains UV and pollutions
SPF 20, hypoallergenic, violet scented. 
They have 6 choices of shades, and it covers pretty wide range of colors.

How I feel :
This one's did a great job onto my face, natural skin finish but still has a medium coverage on me. Not really conceals every imperfection on my face, but did a pretty good job on it. What I love even more, it turned out matchy matchy onto my skin, like never thought it'd be this perfect! This is suitable for daily use, as for working or going to school, or even hang out with friends. What they need to improve is the tube, I always hate tube packaging for makeup creams, it pours everywhere (as sometimes I squeezed too hard or accidentally squeezed it without realize I'm doing it. I know, my stupidity :( ) Another thing, this did a pretty good job as an alphabet cream on my skin. Usually it breaks lots of oil after only 2-3 hours, but this one's can hold up to 4-6 hours. 

2. UltraFine Powder
This one contains mineral Oligoelements and soothing & regenerating action (rich in amber concentration). Recommended for delicate and sensitive skin with mirrored elegant packaging. 

What I feel :
This compact powder works more like two way cake, since it has a bit coverage onto my skin. It comes with a sponge, but I'd suggest you use own brush (for light coverage) or another sponge or wet sponge (for better coverage). This sets my face really well, and works well together with the BB cream. These two makes a perfect partner! As for this product, they only have four shades and I hope they'll develop into more shades in the future!

Now let's move on to the "face decorative" products. This ones includes blush on, lip liner, and lip gloss. Move on to the review, shall we?

3. Deborah Lip Liner
The new creamy formula glides on smoothly for soft, easy application and contains high percentage of pigments particles for instant color. 
WHY IT WORKS? Creamy formula thanks to emollient vegetable oils : coconut oil and waxes provide lips with blissful comfort and hydration. This lip liner pencil draws a precise, long lasting line around the lips, adding dazzling definition. 

What I feel :
This lip pencil has a good color payoff, the color really popped out, while the texture feels super smooth and easy to apply onto my lips. The thing is, this one's needs to be sharpen as they're using pencil form, which I don't really like. I'd prefer a mechanic one, which needs less effort in using it (too lazy to be true... haha). But if you don't mind with sharpening pencils, then you might enjoy this product. Especially while they have lots of color range, 12 colors from nude to bold, from brown to red.  

4. Glossissimo Lipgloss
The gel texture blends shine polymers with glossy moisturizing esters of vegetable origins with "high gloss" and water holding effect to ensure supperior shine and prolonged gloss retention, while a cocktail of special oils gives lips a lush 3D effect.
WHY IT WORKS? The formula is also enriched with moisturizing, anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals properties of fruit of the forest DH complex, which forms a soft protective film over the lips that shields them from harmful UV radiation and leaves them softer, plump and velvety smooth, but also nourished. 

What I feel :
This product's one of my fave. The color turned out like shiny-almost-transparent and gives you a pretty natural lip color. Easy to blend makes this great for a partner to lip liner or lipstick you use before. As a finisher for a summer look, perfect! This comes out in 32 shades, so you might choose your fave colors as you wish, babe!

5. Hi tech blush
Baked blush for a luminous, extremely pearly look. Super smooth texture perfectly melting into the complexion. It creates shading that accentuates the cheeks and flawlessly disguises minor imperfections as it enhances bone structure, after just one touch. Brushes on smoothly, color stays true all day, no need to touch up. 
Developed with "oven-baked technology", the super soft powder contains light-reflecting micro-pearls that radiate a glorious glow. 

What I feel :
This is not a bad product, but also not my fave. I like matte blush better than baked blush, since I have lots of imperfection around my cheek. Another story, if you're someone with great features and smooth skin, this one definitely gonna be one of your choice, perhaps. The natural shine can be a two-in-one product where you can use this as blush on, but also a highlighter. 

Last part, we're gonna talk about their eye makeup. What I have here is pretty much, I have eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, eyeliner pencil, eyeliner spidol, and mascara.

6. 24 Ore Velver Eyeshadow
Velvety soft, silky smooth, fade-ressistant eye shadow, provided with an applicator. Ingredients includes silicone oils for easy blending, outstanding coverage and supreme comfort. A swirl of pearls brings out the luminosity and purity of the pigment for a wonderful result. Ideal for even the most sensitive eyes, 

What I feel :
This one's definitely less favorite of mine. I have the nude ones, which apparently has almost no effect onto my eyes. It works just like compact powder, just a bit powdery. No color, no effect, no dimension. Well, maybe it'll be different story if I try another color. They have 17 choices of colors which is pretty wide range for a single eyeshadow color. 

7. 24 Ore Extra Eyeliner Pen
Eyeliner pen with a special felt tip; slim 0,4mm tip that ensures a flawlessly clean line, without skipping. Approximately 500 application (for both eyes), non staining ink pigments, easy to remove and water based formula. They also claimed this product as a water resistant and transferproof. 

What I feel :
Kinda confused with the concept "water based" but also water proof. But hell yeah, this is one of best eyeliner I've tried. Easy to use, with a slim tip. High pigmentation level, gonna be one of your choice especially when you're a winged eyeliner fan. Helps me create a perfect slim eyeliner. 

8. Volume Sprint Mascara
Lash volumizing and sculpting mascara. Formulated with special silicones based on wheat protein that ensure lusciously full lashes even just one coat. Also available with lash curling applicator wand. 

Well, as for me, this one's did a so-so job, since you already know that my eyelashes are tiny.... And yeah never expect anything for a mascara doing such a great job on me. Maybe I'm gonna need lots of coating and time to have a dramatic beautiful lashes :(

9. Kajal Eyepencil
A soft wooden pencil that leaves ultra deep color, easy to blend in, safe for use inside the lash line.

I feel like this one's pretty good, since it feels smooth like margarine. Hard to describe but that's the best I can say. Always love white or silver liner like this that creates effect of having bigger eyes for someone with slit eyes like me. :) Good news for eye makeup lover, they have 11 choices of colors, from nude to bold and colorful!

10. 24Ore Eyebrow Pencil
Wooden eyebrow pencil for precise brow definition and all-day color, with special mini brow brush.

I personally love mechanic type than conventional type of pencils like this. Well, here's another reason. Mechanic pencil can be refilled for a long time (yes it is, for some korean brand usually). While this kind of conventional pencil creates wood waste. As someone who have concern for environment, you'll know how important it is to save the environment. I know, it's kinda hard to choose between having plastic waste after few years of usage of simply cut lots of trees to have conventional pencils. Well, I don't really know which one's gonna be the best choice , it's just my opinion. 
Anyway, this one's have three shades but I think the one that'll suit Indonesian/Asians most is the darkest one. 

Well, As in the form of trying all the products I created a one brand tutorial for you to watch. Here's the final result, if you want to watch the tutorial you might go to my youtube :

Thanks for reading and paying a visit to my blog, hope to see you on my next post, babe!



  1. Wow, never heard this brand. But the whole package will be suitable for Indonesian women.

    1. yeap this brand is kinda new in indonesia, just got in earlier this year :3

  2. Aku tau Deborah Milano uda dari lama tapi malah belum pernah cobain produknya! Nice post!

    1. waah cus kak dicobain produknya, worth to try :)

  3. belum pernah coba produk dari brand ini.. keliatannya ok jugaa ^^

  4. Wahh baru denger brandnya, kayaknya menarik untuk dicoba ya :D berhubung makeup satu itu kurang hahah

    1. yes it is, worth to try kok ci. memang makeup ini mau selemari jg selalu dibeli lagi hahaha

  5. Omg I love your skinnn *salah fokus* Eniwei aku juga belum pernah dengar merk ini kelihatannya mayan juga

    1. ahaha thanks anywayyy! yash skrg udah ada di bbrp drugstore kayak guardian metro sogo gt hehe :3

  6. suka banget sama lipglossnya yang natural.. :)

  7. Baru dgr produk ini, dan looknya ga pasaran juga cantik naturaal wadidaw

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