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Moisturize Skin in 15 Seconds

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to JennTan Beauty Blog! We're gonna have a serious yet fun talk about the brand new product that has just launched in Indonesia : Body yogurt by The Body Shop. To be honest, this one's my very first body yogurt I've ever had, which makes me feel very excited to try and share the review & experience with you.

The Body Shop Body Yogurt is a brand new product, come to complete their body care range. This 100% vegan product that has just launched in Indonesia comes in five variants ; Strawberry, Mango, Almond Milk & Honey, Moringa, and British Rose. All five enriched with community trade organic almond milk from Manan, Alicante, Spain, which is supposed to absorb in seconds and still, providing up to 48-hours of moisture onto our skin. Been collaborating with Manan since 2016, The Body Shop provides stability for small-scale farmers union that produces almond milk with low intensity farming technique. They use defect almonds that can't be consumed, change the almond skin as compost to reduce waste. 

The Variants :

❤️ Strawberry
This one smells like fruit, enriched wiht strawberry juice. It smells a bit sweet, but still bearable. It makes me feel refreshed and happy. Fruit lovers, here you go!
❤️ Mango
This variant is enriched with mango juice/extract, giving exotic and fruity scent. To me, it smells a bit too sweet. But if you're more of a fruity person then you might love this!

❤️ Almond Milk & Honey
This one's has soothing aroma from Almond Milk, creamy and soft. I think this one has the lightest scent out of these five. Suits for sensitive skin. 
❤️ Moringa
This variant is enriched by community trade Moringa Extract from Rwanda. You'll recognize it's floral and fresh scent on the first swipe. This one brings me back to a pretty flower garden for a while.
❤️ British Rose
My favorite one! This variant is enriched with community trade British Rose Essence from Herefordshire. This smells exactly like the other product from the same variant, for example their body scrub. I love its floral scent, that makes me feel fresh and pretty. 

Why is it so good?
- Contains Biofermented Hyaluronic Acid, which helps moisturize and prevent dehydrated skin, especially on dry and sensitive skin. 
- Infused with vegetable Derived Glyceryn, which helps keeping water content on epidermis, soften and moisturize skin.
- Made with community trade almond milk & fruit extracts, which makes the formula of body yogurt 100% vegan!

"Life's too short for waiting"
All skin type - Absorbs in no time - Cruelty Free - 100% Vegan
This tagline of TBS Body Yogurt is true, I can say. This product has a gel-cream texture that unexpectedly absorbs in no time onto my skin, and give a long-wear moisturizing effect without any sticky feels. Definitely one of their best product from body care range. I used to love their body lotion after bathing or even body butter when I need more moisture, but of course it takes a while to let them dry. Now, no more worry about time and stickyness. Someone with a short morning time just like me (well I mean office workers who have to keep their health through quality sleep but need to hurry and go to work early), definitely gonna love this! We can use it right after bathing, easy and quick, all you need is 15 seconds! 

Oh, and this one's really perfect for summer! Here's the tips:
1. Get this cruelty free and 100% vegan product at their online/offline store
2. Get the product landed safely onto your hands
3. Put it into the refrigerator (not freezer!)
4. When it feels like you're hot, use this one and voila, you'll feel refreshed and moisturized at the same time!
5. Share the fun with your boyfriend/brother/family, since this product can be used for both men and women.

Overall, I love this product! As you can see, the packaging is really handy and easy to bring everywhere. Even the packaging itself is looks really cute when you put them alltogether. Compared to my hands, this product is only as long as my fingers. What's even better, you can see the difference on my picture above. Before using the body yogurt my skin looks a bit dry, whereas after using the body yogurt my skin looks glowing and moisturized. Ready to pack for summer holiday?! 

Price : IDR 199.000 | $ 15.00 | RM 59.90
Size : 200ml
You can get their info at their website , online stores, or instagram
Remember to bring back TBS bottles to get another points as their member, and sign the against animal testing petition! 

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