Saturday, August 4, 2018

Me Time : Personal Spa at Home

Hello gorgeous, back again with JennTan right here! Well, today we're gonna talk about "me time". Do you know what me time is? Or even you are a regular customer of "me time"? How important it is to our life? Let's find out throughout the article!

"Me time" is a crucial moment for someone to rest from his/her daily activity and spare some time for himself/herself. Without doing this, people can be easily tired, mood swing (or bad mood), have dull skin, get bored, or even get stressed. So this is what came to me few days before. I handled too much work load (yes I work from morning to another morning, catching up with deadlines and even lots of projects at office). This made me no time for myself, even resting is just feels like a few hours of a no quality sleep. Been pressured for a while, till finally got fell down to sick due to stress.

Went to a hospital to see my regular doctor, and she said "this sickness can be caused by something you eat, but also, what's even horrible is stress. Did you have too much stress at work?"
Well hearing that made me realized that no matter how busy I am, I have to still spare "me time" every single day. At least simply enjoy bathing time, being alone, watch movie, anything I can do to make me happy. She said, "there's no job that has no pressure and stress. It's how you prepare yourself to have a leader mindset, and separate work from personal life. Don't bring your problem at work, to home, it's not a homework."

Most people take me time as being far away from crowd, being alone, traveling alone, something like that. Actually it doesn't have to be that way. Me time is the moment you give some time for yourself, simply enjoy the moment. You can do it at home, everywhere. Doesn't have to be expensive, the important thing is "quality".

Ok, after then, I tried to make some change. Enjoy my me time every single day at least one hour. Kinda hard for me... But yeah why not trying?

Here I am, finally found the best suitable "me time" for someone claimed herself as so busy, office worker who works day and night. Indonesian said "qherja keras bagai qhuda" , nowadays. Let's see how fun it is to do personal spa at home!

1. Cleanse Our Face
We can never this first yet crucial step. You can choose any type of cleanser that suits you,
since there’s a lot of choices. Cleansing milk, cleansing balm, cleansing oil. As for me, cleansing milk suits me the most, so I’m using this almost everyday. Sometimes I use cleansing balm or cleansing milk when I use heavy makeup. This cleansing phase includes using toner, which will cleanse what’s left from cleansing milk and prepare our skin for the next skincare we use. You can just use any toner that you like, or even exfoliating toner. But if we’re going to do scrub or exfoliating in the next step, don’t use exfoliating toner. Anyway, cleansing our face sometimes feels tiring but we can surely enjoy this phase, especially when we feel like taking a good care of our face and the product smells really good. The texture of Spa Essentia White Glow Cleansing Milk feels a bit cold and thick, more like cleansing balm but in the form of water based, so it can't take any of oil-based makeup. Remember to do this every morning and evening. 

Size: 120ml
Rate: 4/5

2. Face & Body Scrub
This phase is what I called exfoliating. Well, we’re gonna do both face and body scrub to be honest. I’m using Spa Essentia White Glow Face Scrub and Spa Essentia White Glow Body Scrub. These two has pretty similar ingredients, I’m not gonna talk about every single ingredients but what I’m highlighting is they use Microcrystalline Cellulose, which is good as an exfoliating product material. It’s made from renewable resources, safe, fast and easy biodegrade, ecofriendly, and of course skin friendly. It has no impact onto pH value, so it won’t change our skin pH. Another ingredient that’s been used on body scrub is Oryza Sativa (Rice) Powder, which has been used for centuries as natural beauty aid especially for Asians. It’s a natural anti aging and oil-absorbing material, makes this even better for oily or acne prone and dull skin. It’s also anti-inflammatory and skin brightening agent that soothes sunburned skin & makes our skin feels smooth and fair.

How to use: pour small amount of scrub onto hands, rub it onto the area you want to scrub. Then keep doing a circular motion until it show some dirt being taken off our skin. I suggest to do this in bathroom or if you want to do it on your bed or sofa, you might wanna put some blanket to cover the bed. Unless, there’ll be dirt all over your bed. *Learned from my experience, doing this on my bed without expecting such things to happen. Ended up doing extra work on cleaning the bed haha.

Anyway, what I love about this product is this smells so good, maybe since it’s produced by a spa company. This is perfect for me time inside the bathroom while we’re bathing. The ritual using natural ingredients like this helps taking out dirt and dead skin cells that causes dull skin. Olive oil, lavender oil, Vitamin E, and Orange helps in moisturizing and protects skin from free radicals. The best suggestion is to do scrub 2 times a week.

Price: IDR 169k (Body) 
Size: 120ml (Body) | 40ml (Face)
Rate: 4.5/5

3. Face & Body Mask

Again and again, this part is fun! I love masking my face and body, since it feels calming and makes my skin feels smooth. As for this one, I do 2-3 times per week with different kind of masks. This time, I’m using Spa Essentia White Glow Face Mask and Spa Essentia White Glow Body Mask. The main ingredient for this face mask is Yam Bean Powder, which already known for the brightening effect internationally. As for the body scrub, Spa Essentia use Rice Powder again, of course for brightening effect. These two were meant to cleanse, brighten, moisturize and refresh our skin. Even they contain antioxidant that’s good for skin.

What I feel about this product, well I’m a bit disappointed since I scent almost nothing in these masks. I always expect some relaxing or calming aroma from products by spa companies. But what I love from these products is it did make my skin feels smooth, subtle, and fresh! But I don’t really like it’s direct effect that makes my skin almost one tone above, or maybe I need to wash it more? IDK.

Size: 5gr (Face) | 20gr (Body)
Rate: 3/5

4. Body Moisturizer
Moisturizer is always an important stuff to use. I always use this product 2 times a day, after bathing. The main ingredients in this Spa Essentia White Glow Body Moisturizer is Avocado fruit extract, which already known really good for skin. After doing some research and try to use the product, this body moisturizer does make my skin smooth, moisturized, and surely brightens up my skin. I love this once since I take motorbike almost everyday, so I need something to bring my skintone back to normal. The texture is quite thick, I can say, but it's moisturizing anyway so I don't mind with that. 

Price: IDR 119.9k
Size: 120ml
Rate: 3.5/5

That's all for my me-time ritual, hope you guys can also enjoy doing your me-time! Also thanks to Spa Essentia for supporting me in this post, anyway everything in this post is based on my experience.

Thanks for reading, see you on my next post, babes!

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  1. Bnr banget Jen, saat stress melanda gara2 kerjaan kita butuh banget yg namanya me time. Buat aku sekedar maskeran aja udah jadi me time di sela2 kesibukan hahahaha

    1. haha perks of being working woman ya, simple me time aja udah bikin hepi :D

  2. Selain ngerawat muka, tidur pun udh termasuk aktifitas "me time" wkwk