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No More Dull Skin [Indonesian Local Product]

Hello gorgeous, welcome back! I believe if you choose to read this article, it means you have the same problem with me: dull skin. Yes, I'm a motorbike rider (or passenger to be exact, since I can't ride motorbike lol). Everyday from home to work (and vice versa) I ride taxibike. This gives me another skin problem, dull skin. I really dislike having dull skin since it makes me look tired, losing energy, and even looks like sick even though I'm not. I also have some acne scars left that needs to be taken care of. I want healthy bright and pretty skin, so lately I've been looking into some brightening skincare. Thanks to @beautiesquad and Avoskin, they're kind enough to send me the newly launched product from Avoskin: Ultra Brightening Cream.
The product came in brown box to my house. This is kinda cute, feels like I'm receiving a beauty box and makes me excited to open it! But i don't know why, there's some weird scent I smell from the box. After confirmed it to the brand, they said it's because they use recycled paper for the box. Well, it's kinda good thing so no big deal for me. Hooray for environmental sustainability!

Another thing I love about the brand, is they're cruelty free and no paraben. As you already know, I love brands with great background like this. Let's not only be pretty but also smart, girls! Animal testing can be avoided nowadays, using high biotech methods. So let's support cruelty free products!

This product has the same box and packaging as other cream product by Avoskin. What caught my eyes was the soft-milky-pink box that wrapped this one. As you already know that I'm a pink freak... so yeah I basically fell in love ever since I saw the packaging. 
Enough with the pinky stuff, let's move on to the jar itself! The jar has a white-themed design, which makes the product look elegant. The jar was made from a thick glass so no need to worry about breaking the jar. Even though it was made from glass, it seems to be sturdy, except for the cap that was made from plastic. One of my friend who were also tried this product seems to be having problem with the thin plastic for the bottle cap. As for me, the jar and its cover seems to be fine till today and have no problem at all. 
About the size itself, I was also curious why Avoskin always use small jars. Meanwhile I always love it when the brand provides some different sizes from small to large. After doing a little research, I found that the brand purposely use small jars as their quality control. It's for maximum result, where the product won't stay too long being stocked, so the quality of the product will be always good. 

Formula and Texture
The texture is creamy, and yet super light! Unlike other brightening cream, this one's really light and abrobs quickly onto my skin. Not even sticky at all! Zhen bang. I think this product suits all skin type, as for combination (normal to oily) skin like me, this doesn't makes my skin more oily. So I guess, for another sensitive skin type and even normal skin will work as good as on my combination skin. There's a typical scent from this product, which I'm kinda confused how to explain. Not awful like doctor's cream, but not relaxing like flowery or fruity scent. However, the scent is bearable for me but not the best one. 

What's special about this product is they use Alpha Arbutin 2% in their product. Arbutin is bearberry extract, which can suppress growth of tyrosinase or pigment produced by melanocyte. Actually there's two type of arbutin; alpha and beta. The alpha one is more effective in brightening effect than beta. Arbutin can be used for dry skin, since it won't dehydrate your skin. One thing you have to remember, this one's not meant for whitening or increasing your skin tone. It's only for brightening effect, make your skintone even, or take care of hyperpigmentation.
[size comparison, as small as my finger]
How to Use
This brightening cream was meant as a night cream, so only use this once a day.
1. Cleansing (milk/oil cleanser, facial foam)
2. Toner
3. Lotion
4. Essence
5. Serum
6. Face Oil
6. Avoskin Ultra Brightening Cream
7. Mask (optional)

That's my routine. You can use any kind of product that suits you the most, but here's the essential ones for dull skin like me.
[texture swatched]

[after rubbing it onto my skin, absorbed well and fast]
After 1-2 Weeks
So I've been using this product for around 1-2 weeks, where I got an unexpected result. This product makes my skin looks fresh and bright even when I wake up or after half a day of activity. Yes, I'm now more confident under my own skin. 
As for the effect that I'm expecting, a job of taking care my acne scars, so far I didn't see any progress about that. The redness stay still and didn't fade at all, so maybe this product works as a whole onto my skin surface, not for specific areas.
But this product is definitely good for you, motorbike riders, to take a good care of your skin. This will brighten up your face, even after a ride you'll still look fresh! So for you who's been asking what am I using lately for being fresh all day, here's the secret. 
Oh, and the other effect I got from this product is some blackheads, but I'm not sure if this is because of adjustment process or another stuff. I'm gonna share the update with you soon! (or simply stay tunned on my instagram ;p)

Size: 10gr
Price: IDR 139.000 (affordable!)
Rate: 4/5
Get this at: | @avoskinbeauty
Also thanks to Beautiesquad

See you on my next posts!

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