Sunday, August 26, 2018

Skin Care Routine for Combination (Normal to Oily) Skin

Hello gorgeous! Lots of you has been asking about my current skincare routine since a little while ago. I usually share the product I love or I'm using on my instastory, but now I have one dedicated post for you who has been waiting for such a long time. My skin condition is combination normal to oily (oily on T-zone), with skin concern of hyper pigmentation (acne scar) and blackheads/ whiteheads. Anyway, most of the product I use here are given by Thebodyshop as beauty box for TBSBEAUTYBAE this month, according to my skin type and skin concern, but I already use them as my real skin care routine everyday.

If you haven't know what's your skin type, here's a tips for you to check it. Wash your face, then touch your skin. 30 mins after you wash your face, put blotting paper onto every part of your face. If there's oil all over your face then it means your skin is oily, if there's only some specific part that's oily then it means your skin type is combination. If there's almost no oil on your face then it means your skin type is normal/dry. You can also check your skin type at The Body Shop store since they have skin analyzer and skincare experts that will help you.

1. Cleansing My Face
The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter (Cleansing Balm)

This product is very effective in cleansing any oil-based makeup and even waterproof makeup. It has buttery texture that turns into oil when I rub it onto my face. What I feel is this deep cleanse my face really well, moist on my skin, and makes me feel fresh. I suggest this for heavy makeup users, or someone with sensitive skin. Travel friendly stuff, so I definitely love this. No need about spilling such oil based remover since it won't!
Size: 90ml/76gr
Price: IDR 199.000
Rate: 5/5
The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel

Actually I usually use by turns between the Vitamin C and DoY variabt, for maximum result on my skin. This green buddy is a liquid exfoliator with gel-to-peel texture that will help us removing dead skin cells and dirt residue. The gel texture turned into peel when I rub it onto my face, which is fun to do at home ;p, also it has soft scent. Enriched with 3 powerfull plant stem cells & edelweiss flower makes our skin feels supple, fresh, and smooth. This one's really good for anti-aging purpose. I usually use this for 2-3 times a week for maximum result.  If you have dull skin, I suggest to use the Vitamin C one.
As for the packaging, this one's suitable for home-usage. Having pump bottle make it easier to pour the product. No need to worry about spilling it, it has seal to keep it save. It'll be great if they provide some bigger size for a person who always use this as a routine. This variant has the best scent of liquid peel, from the other. The fresh scent gives me a relaxing moment for a while.
Size: 145ml
Price: IDR 389.000
Rate: 4/5
The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Facial Soap

This product is a newly launched by The Body Shop a while ago. They have some other variants, as for my combination skin this variant suits me the most. The scent is similar with the mask, but in a softer version. This easily create foams but not too much, so it won't strip away the healthy oil from our skin. In the other side, this cleanse my face really well. Enriched with himalayan charcoal, eucalyptus oil, and community trade tea tree oil makes this facial soap suits combination and oily skin.
It's super easy to use, first wet my hands and then foam it on our hands. After it creates soft foam, rub it onto our face with circular motion. This soap bar has small scrub that will cleanse our face deeply. Also I have tips for you who love to travels a lot. This bar soap can be cut into squares or simply small pieces, so it'll be easier and efficient to use when we're traveling. I usually cut it into small pieces and take some with me when I'm traveling. This reduce the waste of bar soap that we use but can't bring it home again after being used, right?
Price: IDR 99.000
Rate: 4.5/5

2. Toner, Essence, and Booster
The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Facial Toner

We should never skip toner. This step's really important since it can clear dirt that hasn't been removed from our skin and prepare our skin for the next skincare we use. Having tea tree as its main ingredient makes this done a great job in mattifying effect (there's also Tapioca Starch inside). This suits combination and oily skin the most. They claimed this product as pore tightening but I believe it isn't something instant. After one week of usage I haven't seen significant effect on my pores.
Just like other toner, we just need to pour some of the product onto cotton pads and then tap it onto our face. What I feel is refreshing and clean skin.
Size: 250ml
Price: IDR 169.000
Rate: 4/5
The Body Shop Drops of Light Pure Translucency Brightening Essence Lotion

This product line were meant for brightening purpose. I use this one because I have hyper pigmentation problem (acne scars) to take care. This essence has texture of gel-lotion that absorbs quickly onto our skin. Enriched with red algae extract and vitamin c for hydrating effect, this did a great job in moisturizing and smoothing effect. We need to use this every single day as a routine to have a beautiful bright skin.
We can use cotton pads or our hands to apply the essence onto our skin. I like to use my hands since the cotton pads usually absorbs the product. Beside that, if we use our hands we can also do the massaging gesture to make us feel relax. When we massage our face, make sure to do upward motion and avoid eyes & lips areas. This one has an elegant yet relaxing scent, which reminds me of a pretty woman walking from the store after shopping #wildthoughts but true!
Size: 160ml
Price: IDR 349.000
Rate: 4.5/5

3. Treatment Serums, Cream and Pads
The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate

This pre-serum from Drops of Youth line enriched with 3 powerful plant stem cells; edelweiss, sea holy, and criste marine. The combination take a great care of my skin. This prepare our skin before using serum and keep our skin hydrated and supple, also make skin regeneration process more effective. The most amazing effect I felt during past few weeks using this product, my skin feels supple and hydrated. Even my skin looks fresh (& feels soft) when I just woke up. Really love this product!
Size: 30ml
Price: IDR 559.000
Rate: 4.5/5

So far, still on track, babe? Using the right skincare (and steps) that is suitable to our skin condition & concern is very important. Of course, the way we apply the skincare is also important. Always use upward motion, to prevent fine lines and aging signs. This motion makes a big difference on our face shape, try it yourself! :p As skincare is not only about caring our skin but also investing in it. Those skincare we use now will define our skin in the next 5-10 years. Let's continue the steps, shall we?

4. Moisturizer
The Body Shop Seaweed Oil Control Gel Cream

Moisturizer is very important to our skin. This step helps us balancing our skin. Having seaweed as its main ingredient, this product did a great job in controlling excess oil on my skin. Simply apply this cream all over face and neck, and avoid eyes. If you have combination or oily skin, then gel textured moisturizer suits you the most. This moisturizer has no SPF in it, so we'll need to use sunblock after this. But if you want to use moisturizer that has SPF, you can choose the other one in tube packaging that has SPF15 in it.
This one packed in jar, which makes us easily take the product with our hands. On the other side, we have to make sure every time we dip our hands in it, our hands are clean. Or we can use some kind of spatula to take the product and keep the rest clean. As for the scent, I really love this one! It's super fresh and gives me a booster in the morning to run the day!
Size: 49gr
Price: IDR 209.000
Rate: 3.5/5

5. Hydrating Mask or Face Oil
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Containing 15% of tea tree essential oil, this face oil is the perfect partner for my skin. If you have the same problem as me, acne, this one is the answer to deal with! Best spot treatment so far. Simply use your finger or cotton buds to tap the oil onto the spot you want to heal. Just make sure everything you use to touch your face is clean. This little buddy will help us having clean and healthy skin, and heal the acne! Even though this has super small packaging, but it lasts for pretty long. Also, this bottle is travel friendly, can be bought onto our pouch/makeup bag/even our handbags. Love it!
Size: 10ml
Price: IDR 119.000
Rate: 5/5

6. Night Cream/Sleeping Mask
The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

This one's gonna be our last step in using PM skincare. Sleeping mask gives us moisture and great texture during regeneration process. Having gel-like and bouncy texture, it's super fun to play with! Simply dab a small amount of it and rub onto our face. Press the mask onto our skin gently but firmly while doing upward motion on our face and neck. Then leave it to a good sleep!
The scent is fresh and relaxing. Having sturdy glass jar packaging makes this a simple step and easy to grab the product to our hands. Same as the moisturizer, use clean finger or use spatula to take the product. Such big jar can't be our travel buddy, but we can take a small amount and move it to small containers to keep it with us when we're traveling.
Size: 90ml
Price: IDR 459.000
Rate: 5/5

Remember to use the right skincare type and steps to our skin, every single day. This kind of investment, is really important. Not only to have healthy skin, also this will affect our appearance. A healthy skin maximizes our makeup look. I'm proud to show my bare face skin, how about you?

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