Thursday, August 30, 2018

One Color Makeup Inspiration : Orange Makeup

Hello gorgeous, back with makeup inspiration by JennTan! Well, I've been feeling excited to share this post to you since few days ago, because it's super fun! Yes, I joined another monthly makeup collaboration with Beautiesquad and this month's theme is : one color makeup. After a long hesitation, I finally choose to create an orange makeup look, inspired by one of best taste fruit : orange. Who doesn't love orange anyway?

Well, a bit story behind this look, at first I wanted to create a pink makeup (since I love pink so damn much) but I feel like I need to explore more, find something more interesting and outside my comfort color. So I decided to find something fun and bright, and orange came up onto my mind. Orange is a tropical fruit that taste so fresh and yummy! I can remember how refreshing it was to have an orange juice at school, right after sport class which was very hot under the sun.

As in the world of beauty, orange is also one of my favorite. Orange enriched with vitamin C, which has been well known as a natural brightening agent. Having those stories as my background, I finally decided to create this fun look:

Details on my makeup:
- Max factor smoothing primer
- Purbasari alas bedak
- Catrice liquid camouflage concealer
- Deborah milano cipriah ultrafine compact powder
- Evian water spray
- Sariayu inspirasi jakarta eyeshadow palette J02
- Morphe eyeshadow palette 35u
- Artisan pro false eyelashes
- Blink charm false lash glue
- Maybelline powder mattes lipstick

Super simple and easy to follow, right? Stay tunned on my youtube channel for the complete tutorial ;p

The point of this makeup inspiration is to look young and fresh, and having fun with makeup! Since makeup is art, we can do anything with makeup. Bold look, natural look, or even quirky look can be done! Just do whatever makes you happy, and mine's playing with makeup. Don't I look cute here? ;p
If you asked me where did I get such an inspiration to create something cute, orange freckles and stuff, well my answer is : explore as much as you can! At first I was just planning to create simple makeup just in orange vibes. But then, I'm feeling like need more fun and want to add something more. After playing with eyeshadows and brushes while waiting for my camera battery to regain its consciousness, those little orange freckles just came to my mind. Hihi ;p

How simple it is :
1. Use makeup base (primer, foundation, powder)
2. Apply the concealer onto eyebrows so the colorful brows will pop up even more
3. Create colorful eyebrows using eyeshadow in the color you want (or here in my case, orange)
4. Wipe eyeshadow all over my lid
5. Create a liner with concelaer, top it off with brighter orange eyeshadow color to have some fun!
6. Use false lashes and make sure it fits perfectly
7. Shade my face using orange colored eyeshadow
8. Use orange lipstick (or if you don't have one you might wanna play with another eyeshadow)
9. Create orange freckles using eyeshadow and small brushes
10. It's done!

Anyway, there's a lot of us joining this collaboration. Here's one of my friend, making a purple-makeup look amazingly! I'm really proud of how creative she is, seeing her improving from day to day. Read more about the inspiration at ChristinaUntari's Blog.

Here's some makeup inspirations by my friends, which one's your favorite? Tell me through comment section below! :)

Thanks for coming by and see you on my next post!


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    1. yuhuu udah kayak jeruknya nutrisari belom nih? hihi

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  3. Sukaaa orangee akutuu duh peka banget cici :v

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