Wednesday, November 7, 2018

[JTALKS]: Others Opinion, Who Will Stand For You?

When you have a broken home family, they'll talk about you.
They'll apologize for asking about your family but then they talk about your family, behind you.
It's okay darling, nobody's perfect.

I've been there too, where my friends and their parents ask about my family, then I told them about me living only with my mom. They thought it was a bad thing, so people won't play with me anymore. It's okay, you should know that everything's gonna be fine.

You might feel lonely and quiet, but through that we can see who our real friends are. The ones who stay with us even in the darkest moment. Even when you feel like nobody will stand for you, but they still stand with you.

Darling, life's not only about finding lots of friends. I prefer quality over quantity. As long as people I love still breathe in this world, caring for me, share the moments together with me, then I'm fine.

No matter how cruel the world is, how hard to face the day, I'll always be fine.

There are some days where people won't even look at me. There are some days where people won't be my friends because of my family condition. There are some days they only want friends from the richest and smartest family. There are some days where you'll get used to rejection.

But what makes me happy is, the ones I have, will stay with me no matter how bad my condition is. How cruel my world or even how beautiful our lives, we'll always stick together.

To my high school friends who helped me went through hard times, Rachael, Vickram, Harwin, Dito.
I'm so grateful for every single one of you for staying with me. Through hard times. When I'm down because of my parents, even when they gave you guys some trouble.
You guys never hate me, you always support me even until now. You guys are the best! Can't even ask for more.
Also thanks to Jacinta and Ryan for making my senior year taste super gewd, those learning together and test preparation together was fun! Missing the good old days.

To my college friends, can't say the name one by one but foventhrix family, you guys are the best!
Especially my room-mate Ifa, my best best best partner in almost everything Hanna, my best advisor Putri, the girls who are included in GURLS group, and everyone who stays with me till this days. Won't overcome those days without you. Every single one of you colored my black-and-white days.

Thank you for sticking around me for not only few days or months, but years! Can never imagine how my days would be without you.

If you're someone with broken home, don't ever give up. Let me get this straight for you.
There won't be such an easy journey and I won't lie about that.
But hand in hand with your loved ones, you can get through it. You can get through the hard times where people talked behind your back and won't get along with you. But thanks to them you'll have good quality friends.
No need to feel guilty about having such family, it's no one's fault. It's just destiny to make you even stronger than others.
Get up, stand up, go ahead!
Face the reality, face the not-always-beautiful life, and you'll see how strong you are.
No need to listen about others who talk bad about you and your condition.

You are loved.

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  1. Sedih bacanya ci, dari sini aku belajar jadi wanita yang tegar. You're my inspiration