Saturday, December 22, 2018

Chillax at On Three; a Doorstep Away From Your Bedroom

Hello gorgeous, back to lifestyle post! Well I'm considering to post more about lifestyle, since now I'm into cafe hoping and visiting great places. So maybe, I can recommend some great spots for you to take pictures, chill out with friends, or simply enjoy the me time just like how I love to. Today we're gonna talk about On Three, a cafe located in South Jakarta which has already well-known for a while. 

I say it's a doorstep away, because it's really a doorstep away. Located in Senopati Suites, south jakarta. If you live in the apartment building you literally only need to take a walk to this place. Or even if you live in south jakarta, it's really easy to reach this place! Find a tower building with brown-white color, then voila, you've arrived.

To be honest, this place located near my house. But I never tempted to visit, because simply I thought the place would be crowded on weekend where I got free time. Anyway, because of a business (yes I own @cloudstudio_id and there was client photo session there, I thought come by to control the session and enjoy a new place not really a bad idea.) so I went there on saturday morning. I came around 10 am, after the photo session ended (my bad, woke up late yet still want to check them so yeah). The cafe opened at 8am, so I thought there'll be many people come and have breakfast or brunch there. 

Well, my guess is totally wrong! The place is very very quiet, there's no other customers than my client and my photographer on duty. Can't lie that I was very happy #loner hahaha. After had some talk with my client, decided to enjoy the cafe with my friend a.k.a photographer on duty, had a good talk, eat good food and drink, and of course take some pictures! We both wants to take fashion shots so we already wore something good, or at least proper. FYI, I'm not too fashionable ; prefer comfy clothes over the pretty ones. Worked so hard on deciding what outfit to wear to this cafe lol. You can see my photo here, is that good enough? I know this isn't the best one, but I'm trying at least. Hope can do better next time! 

Anyway, I wanna talk about the ambience of this cafe. Believe it or not, I really love this place! Being so colorful and pinky vibes everywhere makes me feel comfortable in this place. Anyway, it's also because it has great decoration too. My opinion might change if I came at another time when this place's crowded, I guess. Here are some spots that might be a good place to take pictures! 

My fave's outdoor to enjoy the good view (yes you can see buildings and pool), the transparent chair and the entrance in front of lift. Those are perfect! 

As for the food - it's average. They have not-so-much range for food, as they're tagged at around 50-100k per dish. Not the most expensive, but not the cheapest too. Drinks are tagged around 35-60k per glass. What I love is they have pretty much choices for the drinks, just like other cafe. They even have smoothies and other breakfast menu, which I love! 

Overall, I think this is more to a place to enjoy the vibes and good spots, not for good food. The internet connection was also slow and unstable, but still managed to upload a video on youtube. 
My rate is 3.5/5 for overall review. 
Have you ever visited this place? Let me know through the comment section! Do tell me if there's a place you want me to visit.

Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post, babe! 


  1. Aku suka banget cafe yg ada outdoor areanya kek gini Jen, kapan2 aku coba ahh, thanks for sharing

  2. Tempatnyaa bagusss bgt, banyak bgt spot buat foto fotonyaaaa ...

  3. Cocok buat aku dan tmn2ku yang ga terlalu suka keramaian suasananya tenang bgt ituuu kapan2 mau coba ah