Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Purbasari Hydra Series Update | Djoempa Juwita

Hello gorgeous, hope you’re doing well since I have good news to share with you. Indonesian local brand has been exploring and expanding their wings lately. This one brand, has been around for years and tagged as the affordable one – will be launching new products soon. You must’ve often heard about Purbasari. Has been known for body care and also makeup. Few days ago they invited me to the Djoempa Juwita event, where we had so much fun! 

The event took place at Cerita Café, Jakarta. It’s a great place, I’d say. Semi-outdoor café with some decoration. Of course, the dresscode to this event was vintage. So here’s what I’m wearing. Top from Stradivarious, self-made skirt, VNC wedges (super comfy), with red lipstick and winged eyeliner. Perfect for such a vintage theme, huh?

We had lots of fun activities, such as talkshow, makeup demo, and also pouch painting activity. At the talkshow session, we talked about the new products that’ll be launched on 2019 which I’m gonna share about on the next paragraph. Alpina Ilham as the executive of hydra series also told us about how good the product is. They also use the newest product at makeup demo, to show how the product works. Last but not least, we had lots of fun creating our very own pouch painting that can be brought home. 

Move on to the products, here’s the review:
Volumizing Eyelashes

Made from a high quality synthetic hair with natural shape and easy to use. This product will enhance your eye makeup to look natural and pretty. 
What makes people love this is because it’s lightweight (feels like not wearing any falsies when I use this), and also volumizing (their claim). Not to mention they’re soft and comfortable. After trying this on no 01 (they have two variants) I can say the hair is not really volumizing on no.01. But it surely feels soft and natural, and super comfortable to wear. Cost IDR 20.000/pair of eyelashes. Has no glue in the packaging, and they don’t sell the glue as well. Might be another soon-to-be-launched product, so let’s wait patiently. 

Hi-matte lip cream with shimmer finish

Purbasari has their hi-matte series on trending a while ago, with good pigmentation and wearable colors. Now they launch the new ones, with shimmer finish. They have five shades but what I get here is shade 14 and 15. When swatching the colors at the event , I fell in love with all of them. Trust me, they’re all pretty and made me want to have all of them. 
What makes people love this product, is the highly pigmented formula which you don’t need to doubt about anymore, the UV filter, shimmer finish, Vitamin E, and moisturizing creamy texture. 

The pigmentation is really good, it surely covered all my natural lip color. Anyway from my experience, this lip cream start fading after we eat and drink, so you might need to bring a backup for touch up when you go out wearing this one. Surely had no problem on having dry lips using this product, since it moisturized my lips and feel creamy too. Cost IDR 52.800/product. 

Ultra Smooth Browliner

Who can go out without wearing any eyebrow? Well, surely not me. And probably, not you. I believe girls nowadays needs to draw eyebrows wherever we go, right? For daily use, I love to use eyebrow pencil to create something natural and feathery. This Purbasariultra smooth browliner is a retractable eyebrow pencil so you won’t need to sharpen it, and of course easy to use. Having tear-drop shape helps us in creating feathery lines or even define the eyebrow shape. Included a spoolie brush on the packaging, makes it easier to have a perfect brow! What I really love from this product is the texture of the pencil. It feels creamy and smooth texture, glides perfectly on my brows. This makes easier blending. Cost IDR 42.000/pencil. 

Intense Color Liquid Liner

What makes a vintage looks vintage is a winged eyeliner! Yet the problem to oily-lid girls like me is eyeliner gets wiped easily. Not an easy task finding some eyeliner that works on oily eyelid like mine. This eyeliner, is not only waterproof but also hold on oil well! I even tried to apply this onto my face yet after one whole day it still stay in place. This pen eyeliner is easy to apply, even when we want to create wing eyeliner. 
Purbasariuse internal ball bearing technology which makes the formula stay and prevent discoloration. Quick drying formula prevents you from having unperfect eyeliner, easy to apply too. They still can improve the product by making the brush a lil bit softer, so someone with sensitive eyes can use it comfortably. Cost IDR 69.000/eyeliner. 

That’s all my sharing for the fun at event and product review. If you can’t wait to get those product, get them at the official shopee or wait till the official launching on 2019. Thanks for coming by, see you on my next post babe!



  1. Penasaran sama eye product-nya. Terutama eye brow-nya :D

  2. Makeup apapun kalo dipake cici ttp cantik dah