Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Travel-Friendly Micellar Water: Ovale

Hello gorgeous! Have you planned on year-end holiday? I’ve got some tips for your travel plan. Every time we go for traveling, we would want everything to be as simple as they can, right? It applies for me too. I’d love everything to be simple and quick, so preparation time can be reduced and we’ll have more time on exploring.

Who doesn’t want to look good on vacay and the photos? Every girls would love to look all bright and pretty on their photos. So am I, that’s why I always bring cleanser every time I’m traveling, so I’ll have bright cleanse skin and look good on photos. Usually, it’s kinda hard for me to decide things to be packed. I always bring so much stuff, especially when it comes to skin care. From cleanser to spf, even night cream. I usually do double or triple cleansing, just to make sure every inch of dirt are removed from my skin. This exhaust me, since much stuff like this weight too much. So I need a useful product that can cleanse my face well, but not too much steps. Then, we all know the solution: micellar cleansing water!

Thanks to Ovale Indonesia, they’re kind enough to send me their micellar cleansing water. Two variants arrived here, of course with their friends such as mask and vitamins. We all need to take a good care not only by cleansing our face but also give the right nutrition. I always cleanse my face at least two times a day; in the morning when I wake up and in the evening before going to bed. I’d choose to start and end the day with Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water because clean skin is the main condition to have healthy skin. Why do I choose this, you must be wondering. This product can cleanse all dirts on my face, including eyes, lips, face, and neck area. So simply saying, it does everything I need.

Product Claims:
-       Contains extract Magnolia to brighten up your skin
-       Hypoalergenic and dermatology tested, which makes this product safe even for sensitive skin
-       Main ingredients: water and micelle tech, which makes this product safe for daily use
-       Alcohol free and fragrance free

As you can see, the packaging looks simple and contains lots of information. From the brand name, product variant (brightening or brightening for acne skin), size, ingredients and also manufacturing information. They have two size; 200ml which is suitable for home usage and 100ml which is suitable for traveling. They’re in perfect size, I can say. 100ml is the maximum limit for a bottle to be brought onto a flight, so this micellar cleansing water can accompany me whenever I travel.
Also, Ovale use flip flop bottle for this micellar cleansing water. It makes sure that the product won’t spilled even when we put it into a bag or luggage, or simply at home where everyone can just nudge bottles on our toiletries table.

I smell a lil bit of soft flowery scent, so maybe it comes from the ingredients (they use extract magnolia as one of the main ingredient). In my opinion, this is natural scent, not fragrance. As for the texture, it feels like water (runs like water) and not too slippery. What I love about this, when I’m too sleepy after strolling around on holiday, I’ll only need to wipe my face with cotton and this micellar cleansing water without washing my face with facial soap anymore. This is perfect for my daily usage. But when I use makeup, I always make sure to do double cleansing or triple cleansing just to make sure all the dirt removed.

How to use
The steps are super simple and easy, anyone can use this product! Even teenagers, office workers, and simply everyone.
1.     Pour the Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water onto cotton
2.     Wipe it all over face and neck
3.     You’ll get soft clean and bright skin!
When we use it to cleanse eyes and skin areas, it’s better to let it stay there for a few secs to let it absorb all the makeup, then wipe it all out. You may want to wipe few times to get clean skin.

After trying both products, it turns out that I really like these two babies. I even put this at my office desk to cleanse my face, and another one on my makeup pouch, so I can take it anywhere even when I’m traveling.
(+) Moisturizing
Paraben free
Cleanse well only after few swipes
Perfect size, travel friendly

(-) Contains Ethanol, which is actually still part of alcohol

Size: 100ml, 200ml
Price: IDR 21.000, IDR 35.000
Rate: 4.5/5
Recommend/repurchase: Yes

Get more information about this micellar water on: @ovalebeautyid | FB Ovale
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  1. The price is affordable enough and easy to reach, even in the closest minimarket. However, I don't try it yet still. I'm interested 'cause it's paraben free, sounds good.

  2. Aku udah cobain berbagai macam Micellar Water tapi belum cobain Ovale. Jadi mau punya juga biar bisa dibawa kemana2 karena imut banget yah kemasannya

  3. Sama kak aku juga pakai ini.Ga usah di ragukan kehebatan produk favorite aku, ya ovale di Bandung micelar lainnya aku sampai stock yang kecil untuk jalan2.

  4. aku juga pake ovale loh beeeb hihi, aku nyobain yang warna pink, katanya yang warna hijau juga bagus, jadi pengen coba juga yang hijau nih, kemaren cuma sempet nyobain yang pink karena yang hijau keabisan hehe

  5. Ku juga pakai ovale micellar water ini, harganya terjangkau, isinya banyak, dan bisa buat bersihin makeup tebel juga

  6. Ovalle ini produknya murah tapi bagus banget yaa sering banget ljat yang ovalle micellar waternya

  7. Aku juga pake ini beb yang warna pink, harganya paling affordable sih terus juga lumayan bagus buat bersihin mata bibir juga mantul

  8. Aku juga pakai micellar water ini beb yg warnanya pink. Harganya affordable dan awet banget ya ga cepet abis hihi

  9. Aku juga pakai ovale micellar water, suka seh sama fungsinya bisa menghapus make up dengan cepat

  10. ini salah satu micellar water lokal favorit aku hihi karena dia enggak lengket dan bersih ngangkat residu

  11. Aku belum pernah coba si ovale ini . Penasaran pengen coba , aku cari selalu sold out gitu jadi sebel sendiri hahaha .

  12. Aku nyobain juga Ovale micellar water tapi warna pink, produk ini lumayan juga sebagai pembersih make up tapi yang gak aku suka wanginya aja

  13. Aku udah cobain ovale ini juga dan udah cobain kedua variannya. Kalau di aku sedikit perih yg untuk kulit berjerawat sih mungkin ya karena kulit aku lagi sensitif itu tadi sih tapi so far okay aja.

  14. One of my favorite micellar water ever. Light, nggak wangi-wangi banget, tapi bersih banget. Bakalan repurchase terus!

  15. Micellar water is my favorite too! It’s so practical and it cleans. And it’s not pricey!

  16. Aku udah pernah coba ovale micellar water yang pink, berhasil bikin kulit bersih dari makeup sihhh tapi sayangnya kurang cocok untuk kulitku :')

  17. Belum pernah coba, kebetulan aku pake garnier micellar water dan dikit lg abis mau coba ini yay