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Lip On Lip Velvet Mateness – Moisturizing Matte Local Lipstick by Rohto

Hello gorgeous! If you’re one of my Instagram family, you must’ve already known that I attended Lip on Lip Playdate event with Female daily a month ago. If you didn’t know, then you should be one of my Instagram family and turn on notification to see my latest activity. It was super fun, since I got to meet new blogger and vlogger friends whom I’ve never met before. We also learned about the product itself, all matte lipstick by LipOnLip.
Wait, have you ever heard about Lip on Lip? Maybe you’ve seen the product at drugstores in Indonesia. Yes, it’s a local cosmetic brand by Rohto Company. You’ll feel familiar with the sister brands like Lip Ice, Skin Aqua (I use this one every single day and even repurchased for lots of time hihi), Hada Labo (who doesn’t even know this brand?), and Acnes (those with acne problem like me will know this really well). The concept is actually matte lipstick but moisturizing and nourishing. As Rohto is a medicine company, they wanted to innovate on matte lipstick, something that can be worn by everyone. Even those with dry lips. Of course it’s not an easy job to create the formula of the product. They even said, it’s easier to create new drug than creating a moisturizing matte lipstick. But the good news is, this product is safe for pregnant mom and breast feeding mom.
Anyway, I was quite shook when I found lots of influencer like Angelica, Paula, and others. It turned out that we can play together, seriously lipstick brings every girl together! ;p Anyway at the event, there’s guests on talkshow session: Ms. Arlien from Rohto and Ochel from Female Daily. We talked about matte lipstick and the market trend. Anyway, here’s a special tips by Ochel as a make up artist on choosing the right lipstick shade:
Look at their skin tone, nude color with pinkish undertone suits light skin. While nude color with brown undertone suits yellow undertone skin, so they won’t look pale. This product suits on Indonesian skin, even those who has tanned skin. They will even look sexy! , Ochel said.
Move on to the product review, Let’s see what the product claims:
-       Glides smoothly
-       Pigmented in one swipe
-       Can be mixed and matched all colors
-       Affordable
-       Lightweight feeling
-       Moisturizing

The packaging is sturdy, with outer box to show the product details. They show the brand name, shade, ingredients, size, how to use, storage information, barcode. As for the real product packaging it looks pretty simple, white glossy tube with brand name on the packaging. Ms. Arlien from Rohto said, they wanted to keep it simple and travel friendly. Even it suits clutch to accompany you to concert.  Just like other lipsticks, if you want to use it simply turn the tube around and you’ll get the product.

Shades and Texture
LiponLip has five shades:
-       Pinkish (pink)
-       Peony (pink fuschia)
-       Reddish (red)
-       Rosie (mauve)
-       Nude (brown nude)
As for the texture, this has velvet finish rather than dead matte. Since they have moisturizing effect, it’s normal to have velvet finish. Me myself prefer something like this rather than dead matte, since my lips got dry easily.


In my opinion, these colors are pretty and wearable for both daily look and special occasions. The pigmentation is pretty good, as this product can cover my not-so-light lips. This buddy has light texture, and creamy too so it’s surely moisturized my lips well. The color can hold on pretty good, but when we eat or drink the color will fade and leave natural stain. What you need to remember, not all lip products can be worn as you wanted too. I’m a person of easiness so sometimes I try to use lipsticks as full face makeup. We need to learn the ingredients to know if its suitable or not for full face makeup, especially when you have sensitive skin like me who gets irritate easily. Lip On Lip light and contains moisturizer, so this one can be our option on being creative for full face makeup using lipstick. But if you have sensitive skin like me, use less products so our skin can breathe.

Simple & travel friendly

Only available 5 shades

This can be my option for daily use and office look, since this has the right shades for those needs. Also, this is affordable and easy to find. We can find the product at Watsons, Dan+Dan, Lotte Mart, Superindo, Yogya, and online stores.

Price: IDR 43.000/lipstick
Rate: 4.5/5
Recommend: Yes
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Thanks for reading this post, see you on my next post!

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  1. Packagingnya lucubanget, shadenya cocok buat anak mudaa <3