Monday, October 7, 2019

LAUNCHING: Curaskin, a Local Skin and Body Care

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya blog! If you follow my instagram (@jennitanuwijaya) you must've been already know that I attended the launching of Curaskin at Lippo Mall Puri last week. So now, we're gonna talk about the event itself.
There are lots of skincare and bodycare products that I've tried throughout these years, and still I keep exploring on it. It feels so exciting to find something that has "result in 15days" as their tagline. In this launching event, Curaskin gave us free products that suits our skin, and we can pay when the product works well on our skin after 15 days. What if it's not? Then we don't have to pay even a single penny. Zhen bang! #kalococokbarubayar
Having a background of trying so hard to find a good skin and body care after stopped using prescription products from doctor, Dr Elia Gunawan finally decided to create her own brand. She even guarantee 90% chance that the product will work on you. How could she be so sure? That's because Curaskin's using a technology called smart skin analysis that consists of:
- RGB pore
- RGB spot
- RGB wrinkle
- RGB roughness
- UV porphyrin
- UV pigmentation
- UV moisture
- UV damage
Curaskin kindheartedly let 100 first attendance of their launching event to get FREE skin analysis and choose up to three products that suits their skin to be tried onto fifteen days. As I've mentioned before, they'll only asked to pay if the product works well on their skin.

After having a good talkshow with Dr Elia as the founder of Curaskin, we also get to see Han Yoo Ra, the famous Korean Influencer that has been living in Indonesia. She told us about the secret of glowing Korean skin that looks more like healthy skin. The more she's sweating, the healthier it'll look. Meanwhile in Indonesia, the more we sweat.... The more we look dull hahaha. JK.
So Yoo Ra eonnie said that the key is skincare. Try not to cover too much of your skin, instead, repair the skin. Take a good care of it, use skincare to get the best version of our skin. Serum layering if possible (remember to use a light layer of serum and choose the right type) so you'll get glowing skin on the next morning. She herself said that she often do that "hack" when it comes to glowing skin. Curaskin's serum can be the right choice to serum layering, she said. Makes me wonder and want to try the trick, tho! Who knows, on the next morning my skin might look like hers ;p
Also, I get to visit Curaskin's store after the launching event. It's located in Parkson (near front entrance) so you might spot something green easily. They have all variants on the display. Even though it looks professional and promising, the price range is still reasonable. You can try to combine between range to create the perfect skincare routine.

Anyways, thanks to Curaskin for having me,
Also thanks to you, my online fam, for coming by and reading this post. See you on another blogpost, babe! :)

Find out more on:
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  1. Wah asiiik nambah lagi deh brand skincare dalam negeri!

  2. Ok mbah gugel , lets see how far your english translate 😅😁🤭✌ , anyway , Thx for sharing mbak jenn 🙏🤗😘

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