Friday, March 20, 2020

Super Stay Ink Crayon Full Shades - English

Ta jia hao! Hello gorgeous, welcome back to jennitanuwijaya blog! 
Today I’m about to share something exciting - a brand new lipstick line from one of our favorite drugstore makeup brand - Maybelline. After the hype of maybelline super stay matte ink last year (2019), now they launched something new - the maybelline super stay ink crayon. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to try after seeing the hype tho. That’s why I’m here, sharing the review to you! So you guys could see how the product works on me - and imagine how it works on you too. 

First thing first, I’m more into a comfortable lip product rather than longevity staying, even tho it’s also an important point to me. Even better when there’s a combination of those two. So  when Maybelline launched this crayon line as one of maybelline matte lipstick collection I’m more than ready to try - the comfortable and daily version of super stay matte ink (SSMI). 


What a girl (or at least me) sees first from a product must be the packaging. Once we’re attracted by the packaging - the chance of trying and bringing it home becomes bigger. As for this product, I appreciate how they make it interesting. The concept of crayon - long lost concept from lip color product these days, with a touch of practical. It looks so cute tho - with the lip crayon color all over the body along with product information. In terms of effectivity, they could’ve printed those details directly onto the packaging   itself. 

The crayon itself is also slim - so it’s very easy to take with whenever we’re traveling, working, going to an event, etc. It even suits your smallest clutch bag. The shape of the crayon makes it easier to create a precise look - onfleek lip color. This is what I love the most. Bye hassle!
Maybelline is also smart - putting the sharpener inside each crayon. It helps us securing the sharp edges to get perfectly on fleek lip color. Also you won’t ever worry about losing the sharpener since it’s a built in one. 

Texture and scent

To be honest I’m quite surprised of the texture. With “crayon lipstick” as the concept, it’s more onto creamy and daily friendly product. Even it doesn’t dry my lips. As for the scent, they’re still bringing sweet signature scent into the product, just like the Super Stay Matte Ink

Longevity and color

I love it how they come up with crayon concept, that has precise tip. This helps me a lot in creating a perfect lip color. Even better, no need to worry about the shape cause they also  provide us with the sharpener. Great concept!
I’m also amazed on how the color pops out just in one swipe. I mean - it’s a crayon and the color is real! Who doesn’t love this?? 
It suits daily usage really well - from trying the product until today I almost always use this crayon on daily basis. One of the greatest findings in 2020! 

If you’re wondering about it’s longevity - well it works well as a lip crayon. Just like the brand named “ink”, this crayon stains on my lips after eat and drinks. That’s fine tho, I can touch up anytime I needed.  
The color range is more onto daily basis, this super stay ink crayon is more onto daily and natural side. If you’re a pink lipstick and natural color addict, you’ll definitely love the product and I highly recommend you to try. I wish they’ll launch another quirky colors soon, and bring more fun.

Final thoughts
For a crayon lipstick tagged at IDR 99,000 it’s affordable and definitely worth to try. Especially when you can use it on a daily basis - definitely worth the price. I also really love how the texture itself, and how comfy it is on my lips to create perfect edges. Lip color is one of the most important part of makeup, and I want it look as perfect as possible. 


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