Saturday, June 23, 2018

22nd 22 | Reflection

Hello gorgeous! Well, this one's a special post. Yesterday on June 22nd, was my 22nd year celebrating 22nd June. Feels so excited, since this year is such a great year, once in a lifetime being 22 just like Taylor Swift said on her song.
Here are some recaps on my special day.
[birthday dinner with my family]


[birthday surprise by uni friends]

[birthday surprise by girl best friend since junior high school]

[birthday surprise by office mattes]

Well, maybe these people looks like only a few, compared to those you have. Maybe these seems much more than your inner circle, I don't know. But to me, they are people who meant a lot in my life, went through ups and downs in my life, always be there for me no matter what. All of them are gems to me, special, gift from God. My family, friends, office mattes. I'm blessed to be born in this country, Indonesia. I'm also blessed to be part of them, amongst these great people.

In this new age, all I wish is to be better each and every day. Become more mature and able to reach my life goals. Long ways to go, you can say. But hard work starts today for such a great future! 

Aiming for a better life, I dedicated my life and my time to do more volunteerism work. Of course, will share more of it on my blog. Well, maybe not all of you interested in that topic but I hope at least it can inspire you a bit. 

As I'm still celebrating this birthday, anyone can make a wish for me in the comment section! Leave me some love and wishes, because I love to be loved and of course me love you, my readers!

Lastly, I just wanna say thanks for everyone who has contributed in my life, and read my posts since earlier. Hope we can meet again in my next post!

Have a great day, and God bless us all! :) 

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