Thursday, July 12, 2018

Got my Eyelash and Nails done at PK Beauty Space Gandaria

Hello gorgeous, welcome back to JennTan blog! Today we're gonna talk all about beauty treatment. Few days ago I tried two treatments, eyelash extension and gel polish treatment. If you wanna know how was the process, how's my review and in addition of it, how's their best-selling products? Keep on reading this post!

To be honest, I was kinda traumatic of having eyelash extension. Last year I tried eyelash extension, and it was worst treatment I've ever had. It hurts my eyes (probably it's because the glue quality or my eyes sensitiveness), and it fell off on the third day after my treatment. Everything disappeared after only one week. Can't imagine how bad it is, huh? After then I swear to myself that I won't do such thing anymore. And suddenly..... I found this cute place which looks super comfy and yet amazing results (my friends came here first, and they said this is a good place, so I trust them lol! Sorry but I need someone to try the place before me HEHE).

First, when I came (I came early in the morning, 10 a.m where they're just opened and there's no customer yet) they greet me friendly, oh by the way I came with mommy. They asked me wether I had my schedule appointed or not, and checked which treatment I booked for. So I told them I already made a booking few days ago through whatsapp for eyelash treatment and nail treatment. They asked me to wait a lil bit, and they prepared themselves. They also asked me which color would I like for my nails. Well.... I got bored after looking all the color palette, and ended up asked them for a nail art treatment since I thought it'll be fun, having my nails painted. After a long time of thinking (it took me really long to pick what I want to paint on my nails), finally decided to have flamingos and leaves all over my nails (thanks to my mom who always help me pick which one's the best choice!). So let's start the treatment!

I sat at a lazyboy chair, which can turn into a bed and super comfy (people call this a sofabed, but single seated). This is my very first time having this comfortable sofa as a treatment bed, usually the beautyspace only use an uncomfortable thin-hard bed for the treatment, so plus point for them! Having my eyes all covered with tapes, and my hands held by the therapist. The two of them did the treatment altogether onto me, which helps me fasten the schedule. This is what I love : multitasking! HEHE. For the eyelash, I got Camellia Natural which cost IDR 550.000 per treatment, and IDR 400.000 for the retouch. Well, pretty expensive for me, so let's see if it's worth the money. As for the nails, I took nail art which cost IDR 20.000 per nail (so it's IDR 200.000 for all my nails). This one's not too expensive I think, since painting on such a small canvas like nails is hard, indeed.

The therapist do it very gently, which made me enjoy the time. It took around two hours to finish this treatment, but somehow I'm enjoying it. Feels like time flies so fast while doing this treatment. Well, maybe it's because good place match with the good therapist. Another thing, they play some kind of classical music, which helps me feel relaxed (and sleepy since I woke up so early hihi ;p).

Soon after two hours, my nails got finished first then the eyelash therapist dry my eyelash glue using cool - dryer (don't know what this is but feels like a hair dryer, just the wind feels col, which refreshed me!). This is such a great invent #pardonme haha. So here's the result :

I'm so amazed, since what I thought about natural eyelash was only thin hair and less lashes, this looks like a volumized eyelash to me, but that's totally fine! This even better so wherever I go , I'd need less makeup since the eyes are already pretty in this "natural" eyelash. Anyway I get the 11mm which actually is a combination of 9-11mm length. The reason I chose this length was because I'm using specs, so I don't want the lash to hit my glasses. What shook me was this eyelash is full yet hold up to one week as a perfect one, where no lash fell off! ZHEN BANG. When I compared this treatment to the one from last year....... This is different game level, and I'm so happy with this result!

There are also lots of eyelash and nails treatments available at PK Beauty Space, you can find the price list at their instagram.

Other than trying their treatments, I also tried two of their products : Eyelash Nourishing Lotion and Wish Formula C200, presented by Biomooi.

1. Eyelash Nourishing Lotion
Size : 4ml/30gr
Price : IDR 350.000
With "Thymosin" to provide more nutrition to help real lashes robust, voluminous, and long.
Been using this product since the beginning (now it's already more than one week), and it really helps my eyelash stay in place. The thin brush helps application, so you can apply the product all over lashes (and reach the corners too!). Everything still look almost perfect even it's already one and a half week. What should I say? Zhen bang! Well this worth the price to me, since one bottle of this Biomooi eyelash nourishing lotion can hold up the extension lashes, I'd prefer using this serum instead of doing retouch often. This one's also help us take care of the real lashes, so it's good.
2. Wish Formula C200
Dual peeling system with fermented peeling pad and solution removes skin impurities and dead cells. This product claimed itself as a facial peel and vitamin treatment. As for me, this one's very unique. I love home-peeling, but this one is a brand new innovation! They have a clear peeling pad and peeling liquid, which is super instant and easy to use (just like indomie lol jk). This sponge has two sides which can help exfoliating and cleanse my face. This pack is only a one time use, so I think it'd be great if we can reuse it, since the sponge can be cleansed and reuse. This was meant to help with antioxidant and moisturizing, make your skin look good and pretty.
On me, well, I love the sponge! It feels like it really is cleansing my skin, and of course the liquid peel smells so good. Just one thing, it feels a bit sore when the liquid comes into my eyes.... pardon my clumsiness. But overall, I love how good the result is where my skin looks clean (even the blackheads on my nose are GONE).
Price : IDR 150.000
A bit expensive for a one-time usage product, but the result is zhen bang!

So I think that's all I can say about PK Beauty Space and the products, thanks for reading and special thanks to ClozetteID and PKBeautySpace for making this happened!
See you girls on my next posts :)

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  1. It looks like a nice place to visit and your lashes look beautiful! x


    1. yaaash indeed! should visit the place too babe xoxo

  2. aku juga pakai yg 11mm sih, lebih karena ga pgn keliatan terlalu berlebihan kayak mau kondangan juga :|

    1. wahh sama, kayaknya 11mm ini memang size perfect ya hehe

  3. Gemes banget sama nail polishnya Jen, kece banget.

    1. hihi thanks kak, emang gemes banget apalagi digambarin satu-persatu hehe

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